SAP to Use Blockchain in Product Supply Chain

Shown as one of the world’s most important software companies, SAP is preparing to become another big company that brings the blockchain industry to its business model.

Torsten Zube, chief operating officer of SAP’s Blockchain-based operations , stated that they wanted to control the product supply chain with a Blockchain-based system . They are working on the development of the project and the other companies as Johnsonville, Naturipe Farms and Maple Leaf are trying to contribute to the project. Zube used the following expressions in his description:

“The Farm to Consumer project perfectly showcases a common pattern we see in many of our blockchain projects,”

He added; “Cross-company collaboration along complex value chains for which the technology can remove abundant process steps and friction, and establish automated trust.”

It is reported that SAP will add the Blockchain-based system to the existing Global Track and Trace system, and the system will have an important role in the process of this whole process.

According to Zube, this new and improved Blockchain-based technology will enable companies to follow the food products they produce, as well as having the opportunity to process requests and offers into the same system.

Zube is well known for having a positive attitude towards Blockchain; he said that he thinks that technology can play the stones in place, especially in the food industry. Zube, said:

“If enterprises can access the complete version of product history, this could result in a shift from a central unilateral supplier-led production to a consumer demand-led supply organized by a consortium of peers.”

This new move is not the first example of the company’s vision for Blockchain. SAP has already worked on Blockchain-based work. The company, which carries out pioneering work especially on the issue of data transfer and storage. Spain’s Alastria consortium focuses on inter-company data sharing, and the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance (BiTA).

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