Vertpig’s Listing, Bulletproof-supported Wallet Update Gives Monero (XMR) a Positive Push

As the cryptocurrencies continue to take a beating in the bearish atmosphere of the crypto market, Monero finds solace in the arms of crypto exchange platform and website, Vertpig. An announcement on the exchange platform’s website, gave the cryptocurrency a positive push this week., a website that allows customers swap cryptocurrencies, announced that plans of integrating Monero (XMR) on to their platform is in the works. According to the website, as soon as these plans are finalized, users will now be able to swap their XMR holdings for the other cryptocurrencies made available on their platform.

The website also mentioned that Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ripple (XRP) will be available on their platform. With this in place, users will be able to trade in any of these coins for the other.

The platform informed the public in a tweet after explaining that the listing is to be expected over the coming days. Vertpig, in the tweet, explained that it will also be going forward with ease of access by pairing the coins with EUR and GBP.

“As well as integrating EUR and GBP to Buy and Sell all coins Vertpig has listed. A big couple of weeks coming up. Make your next trade on Vertpig.”

Monero Updates Wallet to Support Bulletproofs

It is no news that Monero is a privacy-centric coin. Earlier this year, wallet service, announced that it will be supporting Monero (XMR). The wallet service is now integrated with Monero’sRingCT which gives users the ability to conduct anonymous transactions.

The wallet is also incorporated with Monero’s client-side library, MyMonero-core-js, which allows ensures that services are not only private but secured without losing the decentralization focused on in the crypto space.

Recent updates done to wallet and Monero shows that the wallet now supports bulletproofs which is described as cryptographic information designed to enhance privacy in virtual transactions. With this bulletproof in place, transaction sizes are also minimized.

As a result, transaction fees charged on XMR transactions are highly reduced. This has, in part, given the cryptocurrency a positive push in the grizzly market. Also, Monero, as we know it, is engineered on Stealth addresses, Ring Signatures and Ring Confidential Transactions.

For a privacy and security-centric coin, these factors target anonymity. Hence, with bulletproofs and other unique projects in the works, XMR is geared towards greater heights regardless of the tense atmosphere in the market now.

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