BITBOX Pairs ICON (ICX), Hosts 50% Discount Event

ICON (ICX) can now be traded and exchanged on crypto exchange platform, BITBOX, at a discounted rate.

Line Corporation-owned digital assets exchange, BITBOX, has announced via a press release that ICON (ICX) has been listed on their platform and is available for trade. The Exchange further announced that the coin has been paired with Bitcoin (BTC).

As such, users can now trade in their BTCs for ICON (ICX). In line with this, all ICX/BTC pairs traded on the exchange till November 30th will be at a discounted rate. The exchange explained that it will be offering 50% discount rate on the trading fees required for ICX/BTC pairs.

The company also announced that it will be hosting a three-day event for the trading fee discount on the ICX/BTC pair. The event is ongoing and will be closed on 30th November. The company stipulated that participants of this event must be a verified user of the platform.

This addition appears to be a plus to the coin as this gave the coin a positive push in the bearish market. The exchange has, in line, highlighted that they will be adding more digital assets to their platform in future via the open listing and review processes.

ICON Sets to Hyper Connect the World

With aims towards hyper connecting the world via the integration of an interconnected decentralized platform, the ICON project is determinedly one of the leading blockchain projects in the crypto space.

In light of this, the ICON platform has seen a number of strategic partnerships this year. One of this is its partnership with Line Corporation in May. The partnership was aimed at creating a unique token economy platform that will eventually bring about the advancement of the crypto space.

The partnership has also been tasked with developing viable solutions to the majors faced by the crypto market. With this in view, the ICON platform announced that the partnership is set to breed an array of blockchain-based apps aimed towards efficiency and effectiveness.

As highlighted by the reasons for the partnership, the market needs to have a plethora of options to compete with the mainstream financial world in terms of advancement and adoption. Thus, with the digital economy, diverse variety of options will be made available to suit the needs of the different players in the market.

Hence, once the project is fully adapted, different blockhains will be able to transact effectively on the platform regardless of their operational protocols.

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