EOS (EOS) Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2025: Will EOS Keep Dipping or Will There Be a Rebound?

EOS is dipping once again after two days of having a chance to take a rebound against the bearish trends in the market that went on in form of a prolonged dip for more than two weeks.

EOS wasn’t the only crypto touching new lows, however, even though the market is considered to be heading towards a recovery, EOS is dropping by over -11% against in the last 24 hours, getting below the initial value of 3$ per one unit.

Additionally, EOS is now taking the spot of the 6th largest currency in the market as XLM went ahead to take the 4th spot and BCH declined to the 5th place, pushing EOS down.

EOS Price Today – EOS / USD

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At this point, the only logical extraction from this situation in the case of EOS is to have the crypto pushed towards the increased adoption, which is most likely to happen with attracting more Dapp developers to the network.

At the present rate of growth, can EOS take a rebound in the following months and years or will it take another dip?

EOS Price Prediction 2018

EOS started the month of November at the price of around 5.50$ in the first week of the month, however, the crypto soon dipped to fall below the value of 3$ in the course of the last two weeks.

That is how EOS lost over -40% of its value in the last 14 days, also having another dip of -11% in the last 24 hours.

EOS appears to be still having difficulties with exiting the period of crisis, which indicates that EOS is less likely to go above the price of 4$ by the end of December 2018.

More optimistic predictions imply that the crypto will get to the minimal price of 5$ by the end of December, with setting 9$ as the top price the crypto could reach by the end of 2018.

EOS Price Prediction 2019

In case EOS is able to attract more developers to the network and increase the number of active Dapp projects being hosted on the platform, the crypto might see some valuable increases in 2019 that might take EOS to the value of 16$.

In this case scenario, the lowest price would be 9$. However, as many are expecting o see another bearish year in 2019, EOS might not be able to go over the value of 5$ per one unit.

EOS Price Prediction 2020

In case EOS enters 2020 at the value between 11$ and 16$, the crypto might be looking at revisiting an all-time high of around 22$ per one unit.

The less optimistic prediction implies that EOS won’t be able to go over the price of 7$ to 9$ in 2020.

EOS Price Prediction 2025

It is considered that if EOS survives all potential dips due to its technological potential in Dapp creation and development, EOS will surely get back to its all-time high in 2025 if not before.

More enthusiastic predictions indicate that the crypto might even run towards making another record price in case the trends allow it to go above 22$.

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