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EOS is currently the fastest growing cryptocurrency. By virtue of the market cap, it is the 5th largest cryptocurrency. It has grown at breakneck speed. That is why many investors are trying to find out if it is worthy of an investment. Also, it is slated to launch the main net by June 1. This is further providing it with positive news.

When you look at the year-to-date gains of EOS, you will realize that it has risen by 107%.

There are quite a few reasons why you should think about investing in this cryptocurrency.

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  1. Great Team to back it up:

When you look at the team which is backing of the cryptocurrency or which is developing the cryptocurrency, you will find that the team is pretty experienced. As a result, it will be easier for the cryptocurrency to develop. If you look at the CEO, Brendan Blumer, he has a wide experience in selling virtual assets. He has been selling virtual assets since the age of 15. Similarly, when you look at CTO, Dan Larimer, he is a blockchain enthusiast. With such experienced individuals monitoring the development of the cryptocurrency, you can be sure that it will gain a lot of traction in the future. Currently, as well, it is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in this year.

  1. Great funding record:

Block.one is one of the founders of this cryptocurrency. It is committed to put in at least $ 1 billion in order to fund the growth of the cryptocurrency. This clearly states that this cryptocurrency has no dearth of funding. This will help EOS in expanding further.

  1. Great Community:

When you look at the community in EOS, you will realize that it is pretty strong. It has more than 43000 members in the chat group. Moreover, when you look at the hackathons conducted, it also received a phenomenal response.

  1. Technical features:

The scalability which is offered by this cryptocurrency is much higher as compared to any other. That is why it is being widely accepted as well. Moreover, with the launch of this network, the scalability will increase further.

These are the reasons why you should closely look at this cryptocurrency. Moreover, since it is already in the top 5 cryptocurrencies, you should think about investing in it. It is definitely a cryptocurrency which cannot be ignored any longer as it is now in the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market cap. This clearly indicates that investors are looking at this cryptocurrency to invest in.


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