Bitcoin Gains 30 Percent in April

By the beginning of 2018, crypto money has not been a sign of much illusion. Panic started on the market after severe price drops; then optimism came again with April. In the moon-lined market, Bitcoin managed to increase its value by 30 percent and made the investor’s face laugh, while there were significant increases in many subcodes.

Another 9 thousand Dollar Test

According to Bitcointicker and Coinmarketcap, which share the price values ​​created by compiling the data of many stockbrokers, Bitcoin had a nice.

Starting in April with a value of less than 7 thousand dollars, Bitcoin came to life on the first day of the month with an increase of $ 500 .

Bitcoin, which recovered itself despite the fact that it fell below the levels of 6,500 dollars for a period, was also reflected in the markets and the level of 9,700 dollars was seen on April 25th.

In the evening of April 30, Bitcoin was being traded for 9 thousand 300 dolars . Let’s see if Bitcoin can stay in support and test the next resistance.

Many of the Altcoins Increased

During April, not only Bitcoin, but also many subcodes experienced significant increases. Meanwhile, according to some investors, Bitcoin is now entering a more stable period. This trend may change from one to the other with the entry of large investors into the sector.

In parallel with the increase in Bitcoin, the rising number of sub-coins continues to make the investor’s face laugh. In particular, Ethereum and Ripple have increased by about 73 percent during the month, while Litecoin has seen a 30 percent increase since the beginning of the month.

In addition to the big players, the other coins in the market atracted investors, notably the Z Classic , which caught the 1200 percent increase.

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