Dash (DASH) Price Prediction for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2025: Is DASH Getting Back to its All-time High or Acquiring New Drops?

Dash is one of the top trading currencies, presently taking the place of the 14th largest cryptocurrency by offering extended privacy transactions in form of Dash, also known as digital cash.

Dash entered November at the value of over 160$ per one unit, however, it soon declined to mark new lows, going below 100$ even with the latest gains in the middle of the semi-recovering market with the beginning of December.

How will the latest dips affect the future progress of DASH in the market? Will Dash manage to get back to its all-time high or will it continue with acquiring new drops?

Dash (DASH) Price Prediction for 2018

Even though Dash entered the month of November at the price of 163$ as recorded on November 5th, the cryptocurrency soon declined to touch new lows while below the value of 100$.

Even with the recent gains with the recovering market, Dash isn’t able to get back to 100$ just yet, currently trading at the price of around 93$ per one unit.

Dash (DASH) Price Today – DASH / USD

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Dash (DASH)

The crypto is also acquiring low gains with less than 1% of a rebound, which marks the progress of Dash a bit slower in oppose to its peers on the second day of December.

In case, Dash is not able to acquire any significant momentum in the market, the crypto might end the year at the price of 53$ which would be its newest low. However, the crypto still has a chance to reach the value of 110$ by the end of 2018.

A more positive Dash prediction indicates that the crypto could reach the value of 300$ by the end of December.

Dash (DASH) Price Prediction for 2019

In case 2019 brings the renewed bear trends, the chances are that the crypto market will be touching new lows once again.

In the worst case scenario, DASH could drop as low to touch the value of 15$, which would be its lowest price since making its all-time high of 1,493$ back in January 2018.

The highest price, in this case, would be around 65$.

However, more enthusiastic predictions imply that the maximum of 562$ from the minimum or around 310$.

Dash (DASH) Price Prediction for 2020

In case Dash doesn’t provide enough resistance in the next two years, the bear market trends could sink the crypto to its lows, trading between the value of 15$ and 30$ throughout the year.

However, some predictions are indicating that DASH might spike to reach the minimum price of 380$ to rising towards a new high of 690$.

Dash (DASH) Price Prediction for 2025

If DASH would be able to acquire a positive momentum in the upcoming years, 6 years from now the crypto could revisit its all-time high or even go above the initial record price of over 1,400$.

There are numerous factors affecting the cryptocurrencies in the market and manipulating the value of the entire market, so in case the market would acquire more stable trends in the course of the next 6 years, getting back to an all-time high from January 2018 wouldn’t be impossible.

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