Cryptocurrency Today: Fidelity to list new coins, Singapore backs new blockchain project, Ethereum adoption grows, Institutions to buy crypto in 2019, Chinese crypto billionaire leads blockchain startup

Fidelity explores the possibility of adding more assets to its custodian service

Fidelity, the fourth-largest asset manager in the world, has decided to explore the possibility of adding more assets from the crypto market to its custodian service. So far, the company has only ever worked with Bitcoin. Now, they are looking into the top five currencies, hoping to find another worthy candidate.

Tom Jessop, Fidelity’s head of Digital Assets believes that there is demand for at least four or five largest coins, following Bitcoin. Due to the market’s goal to attract institutional investors, Fidelity and other such services aim to be prepared when the growth in demand starts.

New blockchain accelerator program gets official support from Singapore government agency

Singapore government agency called Enterprise Singapore has made a big move in order to complete their task of creating a strong ecosystem for startup development. Their new decision revolves around providing support to a blockchain accelerator program named “Tribe Accelerator”. The accelerator is being launched as a collaboration of several companies — TRIVE Ventures, PwC Singapore’s Venture Club, and the ICON Foundation.

The accelerator is to help startups with achieving applicability and a real impact in the world, especially in Asia. The program is expected to officially go live in 2019, while the first group of participating startups will not have to pay a participation fee.

Ethereum adoption rate grows despite its sinking price, claims Joseph Lubin

According to a recent statement by Ethereum’s co-creator, Joseph Lubin, the project is growing in every area. In fact, he sees it as more than a simple market. To him, and the community, Ethereum is a movement which cannot be fully grasped by looking at its market cap or coin price. Ethereum product downloads exceed millions, there are over 12,000 live nodes at all times, and 48 million unique ETH addresses.

Despite the unfriendly market conditions, Ethereum ecosystem continues to grow and develop, thanks to members of its team, as well as a supportive community that has grown around the project.

Q2 2019 is when things will change for the crypto space, claims billionaire Mike Novogratz

A constantly bearish market, regulatory uncertainty, and high levels of volatility still dominate the crypto market of 2018. However, according to billionaire Michael Novogratz, things will likely change in Q2 of 2019.

Novogratz believes that this is when institutions will finally make their move and start buying crypto. He is also not alone in this prediction, as it was given by other industry insiders. The market grew without control in 2017, and the situation in 2018 is a direct consequence of such an uncontrollable growth.

By next year, the market is expected to stabilize, while projects like Bakkt, and possibly the approval of Bitcoin ETFs will finally start attracting institutions.

Crypto billionaire Li Xiaolai to lead Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed blockchain company

One of the veterans of crypto investments in China, Li Xiaolai, has decided to join a blockchain-based company that is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Not only that, but he became a co-CEO and the company’s executive director.

The firm in question, Grandshores Technology Group (formerly known as SHIS Limited), stated that Li will oversee numerous project related to blockchain technology, including the creation of a new stablecoin based on a fiat currency.

Li’s estimated net worth is at $1 billion as of October 2018 reports, and he has invested in numerous blockchain firms to date.

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