Consensus 2018: US Should be Fast on Crypto Money Rules

Investors in Blockchain consensus have a message to the US regulators : Clearness and precision are required.

The idea was put forward at the Consensus 2018 conference by founder and partner of Future / Perfect Ventures Jalak Jobanputra , CEO of ARK Invest and chief investment officer Catherine Wood and founding partner of Consensus , Kavita Gupta . The point that all of them have a common mind is that blockchain and crypto money should be done, or that the innovative startups will sail to another friendly shore.

Gupta said about the subject;

“The faster the SEC moves, the faster it will be for businesses to stay in the United States,”

Wood noted that shortcomings in regulation and law have limited potential investment opportunities. More specifically, Wood said he wanted to see more tokens and bitcoin listings on the market. However, Wood is not sure that such a move can happen within the current regulatory environment. She said;

“Our regulators have to get their act together really, “We’re going to see regulation mainly by prosecution.”

Jobanputra does not think that future interventions from institutions such as the CFTC and the SEC could address the problems of regulating the industry.

In this regard, Jobanputra commented that something will be revealed that the judiciary and the provisions and technology solutions are at a loss.

The participants shared their views on blockchain investment opportunities as well. According to Jalak, both undeveloped and developed countries can benefit from blockchain technology.

“There are a number of industries that are still not fully digitized in places like the United States,” she said. “Blockchain technology can be applied to create more efficiencies in the developed world as well.

Wood has also made optimistic comments about the applicability of blockchain technology, robotics and automation, artificial intelligence, deep learning and energy.

Almost everything that we’re touching, blockchain will as well,” she said.

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