Bitcoin SV (BSV) Keeping Up the Upward Trend Despite the Dipping Market: BSV Top Trader for the Past Two Weeks

Bitcoin Cash announced a hard fork that was supposed to split the chain in two, resulting in creating newly minted currency. The fork was scheduled for 15th of November right around the time when the severe dips started to emerge in the cryptocurrency market. At first Bitcoin Cash was gaining at the beginning of November, able to collect over 50% in only 6 days, however, BCH soon started to dip as the date for the hard fork approached, which is when the crypto quickly came from trading at 620$ to being traded at the value of 108$ at the beginning of December. However, although BCH is dipping big time, also declining from its ranking as the 4th largest currency to become the 5thbiggest crypto, surpassed by Stellar Lumens (XLM), BSV is progressing.  On the other hand, although Bitcoin SV started out as the underdog of the hard fork project with the plan of getting back to the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin SV, the product of the latest BCH fork,soon climbed to the top ten list, taking the spot of the 7th largest crypto. What is interesting is that despite the major dips during the entire week, BSV is the only top crypto among the list of 10 top traders that is actually showing a positive return in the course of the last seven days.

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) Appears to Be Unaffected by the Latest Dip

Bitcoin SV is still a new currency, forked out of the main Bitcoin Cash chain after the hard fork that took place on 15th of November when the dips commenced as well. However, it seems that this newly minted crypto is still able to show an amazing progress in the market despite the fact that all major currencies are dipping. Starting out far below the rank of top 1000 cryptocurrencies among over 2000 different ICOs, in the course if only two weeks, BSV managed to join the list of top 10 trading cryptocurrencies, now marking over 140% of gains in the course of the last 14 days. Bitcoin SV is also one of the rare cryptos in the market and also the only crypto in the list of top 10 that is showing positive returns in the course of the last seven days as the dips are still prevailing among all major cryptos. Ethereum (ETH) even touched a new low during the course of the last seven days, falling below the initial value of 100$.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) Top Gaining Crypto in the Last Two Weeks

In the meanwhile, BSV is rising up by over 3% on December 7th with the majority of cryptos dropping by over -10% in the last 24 hours, making it the top gaining currency of the last two weeks. As Bitcoin Cash is still dipping, showing -32% of losses in the course of the last seven days, the newly minted crypto Bitcoin (SV) managed to emerge from the bottom of the cryptoverse and take the 7th spot on the list of global currencies, also rising by over 9% in the last 24 hours. It appears that the majority of BCH holders decided to come clean and sell their BCH units to ditch the dipping crypto that has been a top loser of the top 20 list for several weeks in a row, or perhaps new investors are becoming interested in what Bitcoin Satoshi Vision has to offer while getting back to traditional vision of blockchain.
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