You Can Now Perform XRP Transactions Through Apple’s Siri

XRP continues to make a name for itself as a multipurpose cryptocurrency with enough merits to be the most important altcoin in the market. Few days back, an independent developer known on Twitter as xRpTo_O successfully developed an iOS implementation that permits users to send XRP with simple voice command.

Lately, iOS jailbreak and development scene has been a bit quiet; however, this has not prevented developers from joining their passion for cryptos with the development of a software to facilitate the lives of users beyond what official apps can offer.

In a video, the user communicated with Siri through voice commands, sending 0.5 XRP to a user that Siri found in its database.

Although only money transfer was shown in the video, the developer has been adding some more features over time. The application creates some form of communication link between Siri and XRP TipBot, transforming the app to have more functional uses.

Although neither Apple nor Ripple had a direct involvement in the App’s development, its creation is a sign of an increasing interest of the community in this crypto.

While on earlier occasions some critics of Ripple claimed that XRP lacked the required properties to be referred to as a true cryptocurrency, the sudden rise in the number of users and the developments of softwares being achieved to boost the usefulness of XRP in our daily activities, is a sign that Ripple is successfully finding a space within the community.

This announcement is coming a month after Nixer achieved a similar implementation in which he managed to integrate such service with Alexa.

Currently, according to CoinMarketCap, Ripple’s token is the ranked second among other cryptocurrencies, with a market cap of $12,619,369,712. The token has experienced a similar bearish run of the whole cryptocurrency market but actually, the gap between XRP and ETH has been increasing almost at a daily basis.

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