HTC Exodus Confirms Brave Browser As Its Default Web Browsing App

HTC is set to take first place as the market’s most effective blockchain phone. It seems to have a genuine commitment towards the community. Also, they accept payments in cryptocurrencies in order to promote their use as well as include 3rd party softwares that utilizes these technologies.

Brave Software CEO, Mr. Brendan Eich, expressed his happiness after confirming the decision of HTC to make Brave Browser its default web browsing App.

To create a better Internet, Brave Browser Makes use of the Basic Attention Token (BAT)
Brave Browser makes use of blockchain technologies, in order to improve the experience of users, as well as effect a change in the way content providers relate to consumers.

The idea of this is to make browsing more convenient and faster by rewarding users, and giving them the chance to benefit content creators.

“Once you enable Brave Rewards, the Brave browser automatically and anonymously keeps track of sites each user visits. The more times that a user visits a site, the larger the proportion of the user’s monthly contribution is “ear-marked” for that content creator. When contributions for a content creator exceed $100.00 USD, an email is sent to both the webmaster of the site and the registered domain owner from your WHOIS information. The email explains how to verify the ownership of your website with Brave Software.”

Brave Browser makes use of a token known as Basic Attention Token (BAT), a crypto that recently gained wide recognition, especially after it was announced that it has the backing of Coinbase to be traded on its platform.

The HTC-created HTC Exodus 1 phone was created with focus on the blockchain technology, to serve users who wish to monitor their crypto directly from their mobile device, without requiring any other hardware. To achieve this, HTC created its own hardware wallet with multi-asset support. This wallet is referred to as Zion and it functions on independent hardware embedded into the phone.

HTC Exodus has a competitor – Sirin Labs Finney Phone, a device having almost the same features with HTC Exodus, but runs under a proprietary operating system created as an Android Fork.

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