TenX Co-founder Linked To Pyramid Scheme Says: “I Learned My Lessons.

The release of a video which linked Julian Hosp, Tenx co-founder as part of Lyonnes (an Australian business described as a Ponzi scheme in different European countries), could have an effect on his reputation.

In this video, Hosp was seen presenting an online “workshop”, in which he explained to people involved, the appropriate procedures to enter the business and how they can lure more customers using some tricks such as indirect and direct contacts, avoidance of questions and the likes, in order to accomplish the major objective of including more people in the pyramid.

Julian Hosp made a comment that he contacted at least 1000 people, with whom he had a discussion about the business , according to the video. His position in Lyonnes was not disclosed, but according to the presentation, he should be at the top of the pyramid. According to the presentation, a user can only attain level 3, if he introduced 13 new members who are active.

Tenx: Are promises 100% true?
According to Tenx, users could make use of their cryptocurrencies in order to make payment “anywhere, anytime” via a link between their crypto wallet and a Visa debit card.
Until now, only a few have got the card, and new customers are waiting to get theirs. Due to lack of transparency as regards this promise, users and investors’ frustration has increased.

Julian Hosp says his earlier actions don’t compromise TenX
Uptil now, the TenX team had prevented news of this kind from spreading. However, there are no official statements. Julian Hosp confirmed his participation, but said that he had learnt his lesson. He maintained that his previous engagement in an illegal business does not threaten Tenx’s credibility.

Presently, Tenx has a team making effort to agree with the roadmap. During the last days, the TenX tokens known to be PAY, has been bullish with a growth of 7.61% in the last twenty four hours. It appears that investors have been able to clearly differentiate the news about Mr.Hosp from the real potential of the project.

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