TRON Founder plans to Save EOS and ETH Developers from Platform Collapse

The EOS and Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem has been going through their share of challenges and TRON founder, Justin Sun, appears to havefuelled the fire with his latest “charitable” offer.

Founder of decentralized Internet protocol TRON, Justin Sun, threw a jab at the EOS and ETH platforms in his recent tweet about his next plans. Justin Sun stated that TRON will be developing a fund that will ultimately rescue the ETH and EOS platforms from collapse. Apparently,the TRON Chief’s offer came with a catch as he further highlighted that to access the fund, respective developers will need to migrate to the Tron platform. The news was met with various reactions in the EOS and ETH community. The EOS platform appeared to take up the gauntlet as EOS New York was quick to reply with a countering tweet. Clearly from one of its block producers, the tweet replied that they appreciated the offer but they could do without it.
“We think we will be justfine given the billion dollars in VC funding for #EOS and #EOSIO projects thatis locked and loaded around the world at Galaxy, SVK Crypto, Tomorrow, etc.Appreciate the offer, though. Best of luck, Justin. @block_one_ @SVK_Crypto@tomorrowbc”

Stirring of a dApp War?

Even as the crypto world seems to be recovering from the hash wars, Justin Sun’s announcement appears to observers as the stirring of the dApps war. In responseto Sun’s tweet, one commentator wrote that it “looks like after the #hashwar we now have a #dApp war” True to form, the EOS ecosystem has been plagued with decentralization wars and the ETH platform working hard to overcome scalability issues. So, in a community so centered on decentralization and with the recent damning report by BitMEX, EOS seems to be in a fix. Ethereum(ETH) is also not left out of the plaguing issues as it has been observed to be struggling with the switch of its Blockchain protocol. The ETH team recently announced that there was to be a change of the ETH protocol to Proof-of-Stake from Proof-of-Work (PoW). According to the team, mining will be more energy-efficient and transaction speeds will be faster. However, this has not been achievable so far. Hence, with TRON a decentralized platform, it appears to moving towards stealing EOS’s crown and ETH’s position. Especially as TRON continues to grow at a steady rate with its transaction rate and noted to be a third to Ethereum’s transaction rates, it seems that the EOS and ETH platform might in time find a viable challenger in TRON.
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