Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Will Bitcoin Get Above its pre-November Price by 2019 or Remain below 4,000$?

Bitcoin already started to lose on its value with the rest of the cryptocurrency market weeks after making it to its record price of around 20,000$. Bitcoin, as the top and the original cryptocurrency, with over 2000 different digital assets still makes over 50% of the total market value. This fact only makes the dip scarier as Bitcoin dropped from the price of 20k as recorded almost a year ago, to its current value of around 3,447$per one unit, at the same time its lowest value for 2018.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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With the bear trends taking a major toll on the crypto market at an accelerated pace since November 15th, Bitcoin lost nearly -50% during the course of the last 30 days, so naturally, investors are wondering is rebound an available option for the top crypto. Is Bitcoin able to get above its pre-November price of over 6,000$ by 2019, or will it enter the next year under some of its lowest prices?

Bitcoin is Sinking Big Time: It Appears That There is No Room for a Serious Rebound

With governments declaring wars on cryptos, regulations on the crypto market pending, and Bitcoin being demonized as an asset said to have no actual value, the market is seen in a major dip. Since making record prices, weeks between November and December are marked with capital losses, where BTC is seen in daily carnage with the rest of the market. BTC lost over -80% on its YTD charts, also losing nearly-50% during the course of the last 30 days, and sinking by over -82% since reaching its record price. The top crypto is currently traded at the value of under 3,500$, marking new losses on December 11th as the cryptocurrency market is dipping massively on the mentioned date as well with BTC losing nearly -4%in the last 24 hours. In the best case scenario, Bitcoin could rise above 4,000$at this pace of growth by the end of 2018 and conditioned with a sudden set of rises that cannot be actually counted on in the current state of the crypto market.

Can Bitcoin Get to 6,000$ by the End of 2018 and at the Beginning of 2019?

Predictions for 2019 are not quite in favor of a case scenario where Bitcoin is able to retrieve some of its lost value of around -50% in the course of the next several weeks. Based on the present movement in the market and the stats from BTC charts in the past two months, BTC will have a hard time rising up against the fiat even in 2019. It is indicated that Bitcoin might lose more of its value,sinking below the price of 2,000$ at one point, however, this would still make it a top cryptocurrency, since analysts are predicting that the entire market is in for price carnage in 2019. In the best case, the New Year hype could bring significant gains to the market, which could bring BTC back up above 6,000$. However, it is considered that this price won’t be able to resist further dips.
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