Blockchain Talent Shortage Could Soon Come to an End

In a previous article, I mentioned several reasons why companies find it difficult to find blockchain talent. Well, one of the factors mentioned in that piece was the fact that blockchain is a new industry and many professionals are not available yet. However, as the industry continues to grow and new revelations surface up, it’s evident that the shortage of blockchain talent may soon come to its end. Read on to find out.

More avenues for blockchain developers coming up

Previously, companies looking for blockchain experts have been laying their traps on LinkedIn, Google, or other such popular sites, which of course did not bear much fruit. However, things are changing and more avenues are coming up wherepeople can acquire blockchain-related skills. The following are indications thatmore people will soon obtain relevant blockchain talent required in variousindustries:
  • Coursera—This platform offers courses in blockchain basics for beginners
  • CodementorX—This platform allows companies to easily hire blockchain developers
  • The blockchain community is growing stronger by the day, making it easier to find relevant recommendations or a referral for those who are looking for full-time blockchain professionals.

The reality of the blockchain technology is already home

In the initial stages, a greater percentage of the public was skeptic about the blockchain technology, only associating it with cryptocurrency. However, with mass adoption taking place worldwide, it is evident that the technology has proven itself beyond the doubt. While it’s not perfect or scalable compared to other technologies, blockchain is much better and supports many more use cases thanjust cryptocurrency. Just as the internet, the technology is here to stay and more companies and businesses worldwide are beginning to take it seriously. This demand calls for a greater supply of blockchain talent to counter the growing needs of the market. As such, developers are investing more in blockchain skills and soon the shortage of blockchain talent will be outdated.

Blockchain skills attract bounty opportunities

The demand for blockchain-related skills is increasing and employers are not simply interested in the basics. Companies are looking for professionals with solid skills that can serve the practical needs of the market, such as solving blockchain problems and developing new systems and applications. Fortunately, more opportunities are coming up for acquiring such credentials through bounties and open problems. Crypto blockchains such as Ethereum already offers a “bug bounty” program, which motivates developers with blockchain knowledge to identify and offer solutions for bugs in their system in exchange for coin-based rewards. The rewards become more attractive as cryptocurrencies become more widely accepted.

Developers have noticed the demand

Blockchain related skills attract bigger rewards and the demand is increasing. This has prompted most developers who are opportunistic to acquire relevant blockchain talent to meet the career opportunities on the blockchain. Unlike a few years back when investing in blockchain skills was kind of a gamble, the disruptive technologyis now on its path to a potential goldmine. With relevant skills and experience, it is easy to land a high-paying blockchain-related job. Thousands of developers are currently in training to ensure that the blockchain talent shortage ends in just a few years.

Final thoughts

Even as more professionals acquire skills to bridge the gap in blockchain talent shortage, it may be not a smooth ride. In the next article, we’ll look into some of the challenges to expect.
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