As Bitcoin Foray Of CBOE turns One, Rumors Of Ethereum (ETH) Futures Mount

A senior trader at skylands Capital, Tom Hearden noted that the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE Global Markets) became one of the first financial institutions to launch a fully-fledged BTC product.

According to Ethereum World News, community members disclosed that they were not satisfied with the product’s launch, as the webpage of the Chicago based institution crashed eight minutes after the first genuine BTC futures was launched.

On December 11, 2017, BTC increased from $14,500 to $15,700 in minutes, this is probably because of the influx of interest that speculators expected.

Spot and futures BTC increased so fast that CBOE had to stop trading on its market. In the midst of market lull, the enamorment of CBOE with halting trade is very apparent.

Mati Greenspan spoke with the above-mentioned financial media outlet about Bitcoin futures. MarketWatch stated that CBOE data showed that the product did not hasten an unparalleled influx of institutuional money.

Nasdaq, ErisX and Bakkt to launch Bitcoin Futures

According to Ethereum World News, Bakkt collaborated with the Intercontinental exchange, Microsoft and starbucks plan to launch a physically-backed Bitcoin Futures product by January 2019.

ErisX made a similar announcement which seems to undermine Bakkt. Many expect that it will provide a product roster that somewhat looks like that of Bakkt.

Of recent, Nasdaq disclosed that it is partnering with VanEck in order to bring “crypto 2.0 futures” to market. According to Bloomberg, Nasdaq has plans to go on its first notable foray by the first quarter of 2019.

Ethereum product rumored

Despite all this hype, a new rival is expected to arrive into crypto’s alternative investment vehicle scene. This is ether (ETH), the native asset of the Ethereum network.

The CFTC known as the U.S Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) recently hinted that it is considering ETH. The financial regulator maintained that it was seeking the public’s view on digital currencies.

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