EOS Listed as Supported Cryptocurrency on ABRA’s Platform

Despite the numerous controversies surrounding the coin, EOS appears to be determined to rise above the storm as it gets admitted onto digital asset exchange, ABRA’s trading platform.

Crypto investment and trading platform, ABRA, announced via an official twitter post that it will be adding support for EOS and Siacoin (SC). The exchange indicated to customers that the coins will paired with the US dollars and as such, users can now trade with EOS/USD and SC/USD pairs. The exchange highlighted that the altcoins were listed on its trading platform as synthetic currencies which will in turn allow easy exchange with other digital assets listed on the platform as well as seamless wallet setup.
“Both EOS and Siacoin (SC) are listed on ABRA as artificial currencies. ABRA’s currency uses crypto-collateralized crypto assets to securely and efficiently store and move value amongst different assets. The underlying synthetic currency also allows for ABRA’s non-custodial wallet setup and provides a platform for future financial innovation.” The exchange said.

The exchange further said that the addition of the cryptocurrencies to its platform will round up the number of coins listed on the platform to 30. The crypto investment platform also recognized the efforts of the EOS project and Siacoin projects in ensuring the payment services ecosystem is well developed.

Slowly Gaining Traction

Though appears to have courted its share of controversiesand given critics a field day, EOS, as it seems, is slowly gaining traction in wider circles. Built as a centralized blockchain network, it was set up to allow developers a playground for the development of distributed applications. Siacoin, on the other hand, is the native token of a decentralized data booth which serves as an infrastructure for the linking of users with available data storage spaces with users in need of such storage spaces. According to the crypto exchange, the addition of EOS and Siacoin to their platform is set to add more credibility to their platform. Also judging by the $4 billion price pegged upon the coin at its ICO sale, it appears to the exchange that the token will build itself up in the future. A feat which, according to the exchange, could bring about an expansion of their network in the future. Also considering its blockchain protocol (i.e. the delegated Proof-of-Stake), EOS appears to have a bright future. However, not without eliminating the issues faced by the blockchain.
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