Fitness and Social Startup Uses EOS blockchain as Base for DApp

Wyoming-based fitness startup, FITBLOX, has chosen EOS platform as the base platform for its stake weighted voting system and CEO explains why the blockchain made it up the scale of preference.

Peter M. Dray, CEO of fitness and social startup FITBLOX, has explained why the EOS blockchain was chosen for their dApp to its developer, Block.One. Speaking in a blog post, the FITBLOX chief explained that he believed that the protocol used by the EOS blockchain could provide the necessary framework needed by the FITBLOX’s stake weighted voting system. EOSIO,the EOS blockchain, is based on Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus protocol. It was also created as a decentralized platform which offers developers a field for developers to launch various decentralized Applications(DApps). A reason for which it made it up the scale of preference for FITBLOX.
EOSIO Takes Ethereum’s Place
Enumerating the positive points gained by EOSIO, Peter Dray explained that the EOS blockchain was chosen because he believed that the blockchain is the only blockchain that could handle the volume of transactions to be received by the FITBLOX dApp. FITBLOX is a newly develop fitness app driven by social media and aimed at inducing traffic through crypto rewards to users. It majorly constitutes a system that monetizes the use of social media through decentralized applications and in a secure fashion. Pointing out why Ethereum blockchain was shunned in favor of EOSIO, Dray highlighted the scalability and high cost of gas currently being addressed on the Ethereum blockchain as a reason for leaving out the blockchain. Ethereum,unlike EOS, uses the Proof-of-Work protocol for transactions validation. As such, transaction speeds, rates and energy efficiency are problematic for the network. Though these issues are currently being addressed. However,the choice of EOS blockchain over Ethereum’s further reinforces the assertion by the EOS community that EOS could be viable challenger of Ethereum in the DApps space. Dray noted that the feedback gotten from the EOS community about the FITBLOX project was another reason why EOSIO became a destination. According to Dray, the “technical stack and architecture framework” has been completed and the roadmap for their development architecture and environment has been built. Though still in early development stages, the team is planning to launch the Alpha and Beta version of the dApp in the first and second quarter of 2019 respectively. Dray pointed out that the delay in the dApp development was so that its launch will coincide with the EOS mainnet launched planned to be launched in June 2019.
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