ICON (ICX) to Take Part in South Korea’s Blockchain Developers Community Day

Geared towards becoming a blockchain hub, South Korea has been on the forefront of the adoption of innovative technology introduced by the world of cryptocurrencies. Hosting a relaxed and crypto-friendly environment, it has become a haven to several crypto exchanges and blockchain companies hoping to groom the technology to its full potential. Hence,it is hardly surprising that South Korea is hosting a large blockchain developers community day, the DevStamp 2018 conference. A conference in which several teams of blockchain developers get to discuss the potentials of the digital ledger technology (DLT). However,the highlight of the news is that South Korea’s biggest crypto project would be one of the attendees of the conference. With over 600 software and blockchain developers to be present in the conference, the invitation of the ICON team implies a push in the positive direction. ICON in DevStamp 2018: A roadbed to Global Adoption Though comparatively a rather silent project globally, ICON is perceived to moving towards global acceptance with its base in South Korea. With ICON seemingly accepted in South Korea,advancement into other parts of the world could be easier. Hosted by the Federation of Science and Technology Sciences of Korea, the ICON company’s CTO, Edward Ryu will be presenting some materials on Blockchain and the ICON project at the conference. The ICON CTO will be presenting the potentials of the ICON project in the future while explaining the basics of the new ecosystem of the project. Of this presentation will the discussion of the implementation of its Smart contract,SCORE, and the ecosystem’s Blockchain Transmission Protocol. According to the ICON team, BTP was created to proffer viable solutions to transmission issues on a standard blockchain. Apparently some of the issues with the blockchain upon which some crypto projects were built on is due to disruption of transmission. Hence,for teams of developers gathering to seek out problems with blockchain and howto solve them, the time with the ICON CTO could be an insightful one. Also speaking at the conference will be ICON’s partner, Nomad Connection. Nomad Connection, on the other hand, will be speaking about the use of SCORE to the developers whilst taking up masterclasses for the developers interested in developing their projects via SCORE on the ICON platform. The representatives will also enlighten on the development of sample codes and their use on the ICON TestNet. This news comes in the wake of the recent DLT programme attended by the ICON team in which plans for the development of Seoul as one of the world’s smart cities were revealed.
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