Maker (MKR) Price Analysis: MKR Enters the List of Top 20 Trading Cryptocurrencies after Pushing Tezos (XTZ) Out

Maker was recording 5% in the last 24 hours and 6% in the course of the last week before the dips stroke once again. After the dips at the end of December 14th, Maker is dropping by nearly -2% at the price of 345$ per one MKR, also dipping on its weekly chart by -2.7% against the fiat. Still, despite the latest dips, MKR is managing to stay among the list of the top 20 trading cryptocurrencies. Maker entered the list of the top trading currencies by pushing Tezos (XTZ) down to the spot 23, although Tezos became the 20th largest cryptocurrency only several days ago. Maker is also threatened by Waves in terms of losing its rank and dipping below the top 20 list of cryptos as WAVES is surging at an accelerated rate, marking over 64% of gains in a week despite the current dips and the bear market trends. MKR made it to the top in the last couple of weeks probably due to DAI, a form of stable coin hosted on Maker ecosystem, said to be completing each other, which means that DAI is said to be injecting a dose of stability in the movement of Maker in the market.

KuCoin Lists DAI and Maker (MKR): Has the Listing Provided the Needed Push?

Several days ago, KuCoin exchange announced the listing of DAI and Maker MKR, which actually represents an asset backed by Ether (ETH) rather than by fiat currency. It may be the case that the KuCoin listing announcement that came out around December 10th conditioned the surge of MKR, however,since MKR started to rise only days after the exchange announcement, there is probably another reason behind the latest spike. Whatever that reason was, positive momentum is slowly fading away as MKR is seen in a dip once again. In the meanwhile, Waves (WAVES) is showing a progressive pace of growth despite the bear market, rising on weekly and monthly charts, while rising by over 100% in the course of the last two weeks, threatening to take over the spot number 20 on the list of top currencies while MKR could be declining back to revisit lower ranks. At the moment, MKR is marking 249 million dollars, while WAVES is marking a dip in the last several hours, which provided some time for Maker to try and spike back up, that way potentially keeping its newly acquired rank in the crypto market.

What Can We Expect from Maker (MKR) in 2019?

Based on the current movement of Maker (MKR) it is considered that Maker is set for another round of dips in 2019. It is a general opinion in the cryptoverse that 2019 will bring more bear trends, which means that Maker could lose additional -50% of its value in the upcoming period in 2019, with a strong possibility of going below 150$. In case 2019 turns out to be more benevolent than originally predicted, MKR could enjoy staying around the value between 250$ and 400$,however, MKR doesn’t seem to be able to get close to its all-time high of over 1,300$ during the course of the next 365 days.  
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