Waves (WAVES) Price Analysis: WAVES Enters the Top 20 List of Cryptocurrencies, but Dogecoin (DOGE) Takes Over Hours Later

Waves (WAVES) is still showing immense progress against not-as-benevolent market currents, by recording a positive return of 56% in the course of the last week, although the dip is still notable despite the weekly gains. Previously, two days ago, WAVES was recording over 70% of gains in the course of a week, making Waves one of the top gainers for several days in a row on the list of top 30 cryptocurrencies.

Waves (WAVES)

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Waves (WAVES)

In the latest bull run while WAVES could still collect daily gains with the rest of the market on December 16th the crypto managed to enter the list of top 20 trading cryptocurrencies. However, the market trends are now swinging towards dips when it comes to the performance of WAVES in the last hours at the time of the writing, so WAVES is once again seen back at the spot 22 with Dogecoin (DOGE)getting back to the list of top 20 cryptos once again in the course of the last week or so. What made WAVES sink by over -4% in a single hour in the middle of the recovering market is most probably a consequence of a profit selloff.

WAVES a Top Gainer Among Top 30 Despite the Dips in the Recovering Market

Waves might be going down despite the latest opportunity for are bound on December 16th, which made difficult for the crypto to keep the lately earned spot of the 20th-largest crypto, which means that WAVES is once again taking the position of the 22nd best crypto, while DOGE had a chance to revisit the top 20 list with the latest daily gains of barely 3% since WAVES is seen down by -2.30%. Still, as the majority of cryptocurrencies are showing negative weekly returns, WAVES is still one of the top gaining cryptos among the list of top 30 cryptocurrencies with 49% of weekly gains after the latest drop in the last several hours on December 16th. Additionally, WAVES managed to break the resistance of 1.50$ and head over to the value of 2$ and above in the course of only several days, however, although expected WAVES was unable to break the resistance of 2.50$ and go over to hit the value of 3$. At the present moment, the crypto is traded at the price of 2.45$ and as WAVES is dipping despite the overall positive trend in the market,the crypto might even go close to the resistance level of 2$ in the following day in case it fails to recover from the latest daily dips.

WAVES -85% Down Since Making it to its All-time High

Waves made it to an all-time high of over 16$ per one unit back in December 2017, which means that the crypto lost over -85% of its value in the course of a year, now traded at the price of 2.45$ with the latest dips. Additionally, Waves is still showing an immense progress in oppose to its peers, trading up by 72% in the course of the last two weeks, and rising by over 56% in the course of the last 30 days, which makes WAVES almost unaffected by the November dips.  
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