DDEX To Fork The 0x Protocol, Give Their New Protocol The Name Hydro

The DDEX’s team has made a decision to fork the OX protocol, after so much argument. DDEX’s CEO known to be Tian Li, announced it two days ago through a Medium post.

Tia Li commended the OX team’s effort in offering a high quality code with Smart Contracts which had been initially utilized by DDEX to become one of the biggest decentralized exchanges on the ETH network. The DDEX’s team has made a decision to ensure that a major part of the codebase is rewritten as part of their ‘fork.’

Furthermore, Tian Li explained their latest move to remove ZRX in order to develop Hydro and also fork the OX protocol, saying that:
“Although we were thrilled to see 0x tackle such a wide range of important issues, our perspective of what’s most urgent diverged. Being on the front-lines, it is painfully apparent that most DEXs today still are plagued by rudimentary problems such as order collision, front-running, and poor liquidity. After much deliberation, we’ve decided to fork the 0x protocol. Although we are using the term “fork” to give proper credit, we rewrote a large portion of the codebase. We plan to ship a new order schema, an engine capable of true matching, robust market orders, and a fundamentally different liquidity sharing model. The ZRX token will be removed as well, because fee-based tokens create unnecessary friction. We are calling this new protocol Hydro, to emphasize that liquidity matters above everything else”.

DDEX’s website maintained that the decentralized exchange is presently in the process of moving to Hydro. DDEX’s CEO confirmed that DDEX will be outdated and become irrelevant, if the new hydro protocol does not deliver.
The Ox protocol helps to enhance the exchange of game items, ERC20 tokens and digital assets on the ETH network. Ox oversees the exchange, while the protocol allows developers to put their focus on building.

Use cases of Ox are
• Order books
• Gaming and collectibles
• Stable tokens
• Prediction markets
• Decentralized loans

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