EOS Blockchain Advances to India as Partnership with Dunya Labs Pulls Through

Amidst all controversies, EOS seems to be undeterred as it takes significant steps towards adoption.
Pushing for Blockchain adoption in India, blockhain Products Company, Dunya Labs launched inaugural sessions of its new product, Catalyst. Hosted in Bengaluru, the Catalyst series is a series of hands-on developer workshops to introduce a deeper understanding of Blockchain to developers. Launched to guide developers in understanding the potentials of blockchain, the programme is set to expose developers in India and its environs to the different public blockchain protocols. However, the highlight of the news is that the company has partnered with EOS blockchain to kickoff the series with a three-weekend long curriculum about the EOS blockchain. The curriculum will cover series on EOS protocol architectural design as well as dApp development.

Catalyst Series to Bring India to Global Blockchain Frontier

According to the company, blockchain adoption in India was low with less than 1% of the country exposed to the potentials of the technology. The company confirmed that the percentage exposed had their experience limited to platforms like Ethereum and Hyperledger. Thus, with the Catalyst series launched, adoption and knowledge of Blockchain technology could be increased. The company stated that hundreds of applicants already sought to attend the workshop.
“The Catalyst Series is the first blockchain programme in India focused on the frontier protocols which are emerging in the space. Our goal is to give the Indian developer community a taste of cutting-edge innovations in decentralized technologies, and equip then with the knowledge and skills to build on the decentralised Internet of the future.” Cathy Guo,Co-founder and CEO at Dunya Las said.

To this effect, DunyaLabs has partnered with local blockchain Industry leaders, Incrypt and Koinexas well as the different block producers like EOS Canon, EOSYS and Meet.One. The company stated that it was impressed by the growth of the EOS platform and plans to expand the workshop to bring about innovative projects.
“[…]there’s already strong demand for teams to continue working together on building dApp ideas. We plan on expanding these workshops in 2019 to cover more world-class protocol projects, and are excited to bring more hands-on building opportunities to India[…]” the company stated.
True to form, the EOS network was developed as a general-purpose smart contract platform for the development of dApps. Despite courting controversies for months, the platform has witnessed explosive adoption.
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