Cardano launches its new update: Cardano 1.1.0

Cardano is a cryptocurrency that has been gaining strength since its launch and has come a long way from where it started. It has now released a new version of Software for the users. The team broke the news of the release of Cardano Software 1.1.0 by official means. The update was announced thanks to Cardano’s team through the Cardano Foundation’s blog.

Within the updates, there were several corrected failures which were not previously to be seen or were presented earlier, as well as multiple improvements in the Blockchain of the currency. The update includes improvements for the platform in terms of user experience, as well as improving various bugs and errors identified in the last version Cardano SL 1.0.3

” The software update launched today is the first major update for Cardano since the launch of the network. This update represents the work of our development team ” reported the Press Release, Cardano Foundation.

Featured improvements

Among the improvements that the update contained and the problems solved, is the Daedalus wallet which can now detect if the time of a machine is out of sync, the system will also show an error screen asking the user to solve the problem. Before this was added with a minimum difference of the 20s of time, it was impossible to connect to the network. This caused the known error of “Connecting to the network” where the system used to get stuck. Thanks to the new update now this problem has been solved including others in line.

A Support function was also added so that the users can report a problem directly from Daedalus. Likewise, the system will have a log, and this will allow the team to investigate, and also enable them to find and solve the problems of the users with greater readability. The option is available from the user interface. The option will be displayed on the loading screen in case any inconvenience arises.

The previous inconveniences of the user “Connecting to the network” are solved. All the inconveniences that could partially or completely influence this error were solved. Among the problems solved are Shutdowns of nodes, delays in the network and fixes for different bugs that hindered the process. Issues concerning the Blockchain of Cardano were solved. Bugs that caused the slowdown of the system, occasional disconnections, network errors and other issues.

A great update for Cardano

The team reported in its press release that it is an excellent update for Cardano which enabled many improvements to be made and there was a lot of hard work on the part of the whole team. It is the first time ever where a large update is made with a totally new code and as for the company.

It can definitely be seen flourishing in the coming months, along with higher profits, as well as more efficiency. The company is expected to have solved the errors considerably. Likewise, this will bring great improvements in the future for the world of cryptocurrency which has seen several ups and downs in terms of the coin’s value or networking performance.

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