Aeternity Updates Blockchain Explorer, Launches Base Aepp, Airgap Wallet

In the face of the constant development in the crypto space, Aeternity (AE) seems to be taking the bulls by the horn with its constant advancements. Following the announcement of its grant foundation, Aeternity has announced the launch of its Base Aepp and Airgap Wallet.

Aeternity Increases Users’ Options

The Aeternity team announced that the addition of its Base Aepp along with its promised Airgap wallet. The base Aepp was integrated to enhance customer’s interation with the Aeternity blockchian.
Designed in a user-friendly way, the Base Aepp was created to advance the exploration of the blockchain dApps by users while easily carrying out transactions on the blockchain. Still in the beginner’s stages, the team has announced its plans to further update the application to cover more services.
The application will integrate new transactions while providing decentralised governance features such as state channel transactions and voting. These features will also include oracle operator registrations and name registrations which will in turn expand users accessibility to th network.

Aeternity Introduces Airgap Wallet

To further advance user’s accessibility, Aeternity also announced the integration of its Airgap Wallet. According to the team, the Airgap wallet will provide an effective payment option for users on Aeternity’s live network.
The wallet application has been updated to be compatible with both Android and Ios systems and is available for free download on the wallet’s official website. The team also highlighted that it had updated the Aeternity blockcain explorer to expand its range of services.
The updated explorer will offer users the ability to gain access to information regarding the block generation of the aeternity blockchain while easily checking their available balances. The team stated that there will be subsequent improvements on the explorer in the near future.
According to the team, the explorer might in the near future provide access relating to smart contracts while increasing access to the aeternity blockchain. Also to advance usability of the aeternity blockchain, the Aertenity team organised a “bounty program”.
The bounty program will provide the users wealth of information regarding the state of the aeternity network by creating a variety of dashboards. The open bounty program was also designed to welcome all users with relevant experience and skill in web development to contribute to the network.
This announcement comes in the wake of the integration of the Aeternity foundation in Bulgaria and Liechtenstein. The foundations were created to advance blockchain and crypto adoption through the funding of innovative projects and developers.
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