ICON (ICX) Expands to Japan, Partners with LayerX

As ICON (ICX) makes it way to Japan, its partnership with Blockchain consulting firm, LayerX, is set to expand its blockchain ecosystem.

ICON (ICX) Partners with LayerX

In bid to boost its Japanese community, ICON (ICX) has announced its partnership with Japanese Blockchain consulting firm, LayerX. Announced via a press release, the ICON foundation announced that it had signed a MOU with the company for a strategic partnership.
The MOU (or Memorandum of Understanding) is to accelerate the global communities within and all around Japan. The MOU is also set to reinforce the integrity of the network via a code audit alliance.
“This MOU aims to vitalize the ICON developer community in Japan as well as ensure the integrity of the ICON Network through a code audit alliance.” ICON Foundation said.

LayerX, according to the foundation, will be providing the code audit for the ICON ecosystem as well as the dApps launched on the public blockchain. Also, the partnership is expected to bring about global adoption of the ICON platform’s smart contract, SCORE, through hackathons, demo days and conferences.
“ICON Foundation is pleased to co-operate with LayerX, a leading company with technological capabilities in Japan. Through our partnership with LayerX, we expect various ICON DApp services to further expand their global presence based on the linkage between public blockchain and enterprise blockchain in the future.” ICON Foundation’s Council member, Jonghyup Kim (JH Kim) said.

ICON (ICX) Strategically Gaining Traction

Launched in 2017 as global blockchain project, ICON has been on a relatively slow but smooth ride to fame. By strategically partnering with the South Korean government and gradually advancing to companies, ICON began to gain legitimate grounds in the crypto world.
ICON was created to foster a link between diverse blockchain communities and with a public decentralised blockchain, create a means for developers to develop dApps while interacting with the network’s source code.
ICON also aims to establish actual business models through blockchain technology which will in turn bring about reconciliation between the blockchain communities and mainstream. ICON (ICX) took steps towards that already with its partnership with LayerX and the South Korean government.
Speaking on the partnership, CEO at LayerX, Yoshinori Fukushima, while praising ICON’s blockchain expertise, stated that:
“ICON’s core engine ‘loopchain’ has been used to develop a blockchain authentication system, and is already adopted by major securities firms and the insurance industry.”
On partnership with Korean government, ICON has been a leading partner on the development of government initiatives and had received funding from the government alongside regulations. As such, ICON is considered legitimised in certain parts.
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