Magnimind Academy Offers 6-Week Certification: Data Science Bootcamp Silicone Valley / Santa Clara

Data science is the spinning wheel of numerous sectors and industries as the extraction of knowledge and information has become a valuable asset.

With the increased demand for data science experts, the demand for courses inflated accordingly in order to meet the requirements of the market, however, not all people have time for education programs that take months and even years.

For those who are still motivated to become professional and certified data scientists able to apply their knowledge in real life cases, Magnimind Academy located in Santa Clara, Silicone Valley, has opened a data science bootcamp.

Magnimind data science bootcamp students come from different backgrounds and different parts of the world, where an average applicant has a full0-time job in IT, and web and graphic design.

Magnimind Academy Data Science Bootcamp: How to Get Started?

Due to the fact that an average data science student at the Magnimind Academy has a full-time job and is a dedicated professional motivated to learn more and acquire additional skills, Magnimind instructors have compiled the course in a way that all students may choose between weekday evenings or weekends for their courses.

Even though an average Magnimind data science course attendee has a background in IT, design or web development, students that have no or little background in programming and IT also make valuable attendees that are able to complete the 6-week course successfully and acquire Magnimind data science certificate.

That is why Magnimind instructors have prepared an introductory-level curriculum to teach the students everything they need to know on the basics of Statistics and Python, making it easy for students with less experience to get started.

Preparation option is available for all interested attendees that would like to learn the basics of Python programming language and Statistics, available on Admissions Process page on the official Magnimind platform.

Prior to accessing introductory-level curriculum, interested attendees only need to fill out an application form, after which Admission Advisors will get in touch with the applicant in order to book an interview.

The purpose of the interview is to get in touch with experts who have a goal of helping the students choose the most suitable course based on the applicant’s background, which is determined through the interview.

How Long Does It Take to Complete Magnimind Academy Data Science Course?

The course lasts for 6 weeks, during which all students should be able to master both theoretical and practical part of data science, while all students who are able to finish the program successfully will become eligible for receiving Magnimind data science certificate.

Additionally, the course of 6 weeks is divided into 36 lessons and has 18 office hours. Students can choose to attend the course during weekdays in the evening or during weekends, while the course is divided to 6-hour lessons and 3 office hours.

During the course of 6 hours, students will be learning about data science basics, gradually adopting practical and theoretical knowledge, while the office hours serve the purpose for working on assignments, discussing with instructors, and applying what they have learned by far.

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