Apple Stock Price Prediction: Can Apple Stock Recover with the New China Price Policy?

Apple Inc is known as one of the biggest tech companies in the world, also known by products such as iPhone, which in a way won the company a leading status in the smartphone industry, directly competing with Android devices and giants such as Samsung.

Although Apple Inc went through a major success since the beginning of the company four decades ago, the company saw a major loss of customers in China during the first quarter of 2019, which also affected its revenue by losing 5 billion dollars in the period of the last two months.

China introduced a new price policy that appears to be directly affecting Apple’s sales, so the burning question is whether Apple stocks are able to recover in the following period despite the new Chinese policy?

Economic Pressures for Apple Inc in China

As previously warned by the CEO, Tim Cook, back in January, Apple is looking at a major economic pressure on the side of China as sales growth has been a major concern for the company y regarding iPhone sales in China.

Cook believes that one of the main reasons for having iPhone sales slowing down in China is the political tension between China and the US as the two major political forces are in the middle of negotiations over the trading war.

Trading war truce between China and the US is set to end on March 1st, and there are still no signs of the trading war ending, which s affecting Apple Inc as well.

However, Apple may have an ace up its sleeve, as the company decided to turn tables in their favor and make Apple products more affordable for their customers in China.

That is how Apple made their products available through Alipay with borrowing options and up to two years of financing without taking interest rates, which may eventually push the price of APPL stocks in the market in the following months.   

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