Bullish Bitcoin Price Prediction by IBM Executive: “I See Bitcoin at Million Dollars Someday”

Although it isn’t the first time that we hear 1-million dollars’ worth price predictions for Bitcoin as John McAfee, the well-known programmer and supporter of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency also stated a while ago that BTC is to reach 1 million dollars by the end of 2020, another similar prediction came from the vice president of IBM Blockchain and Digital Currency, Jesse Lund.

According to the IBM’s Blockchain and Digital Currency VP, Bitcoin is set to reach a price of 1 million dollars per one BTC someday in the future, predicting an utterly bullish run for the first and the original cryptocurrency.

IBM’s Jesse Lund Claims Bitcoin Will Reach 1-million Dollars Target

At the Think Conference in one of the interviews that the IBM’s Jesse Lund had with Fred Schebesta, the VP of Blockchain and Digital Currency at IBM stated that crypto enthusiasts should focus more on the utility of cryptocurrencies rather than placing focus on the price movement in the market.

IBM, the well-known tech giant, has already showed a major interest in blockchain technology with their partnership with Stellar Lumens (XLM), one of the top trading cryptocurrencies, as this crypto startup is set to provide the platform for IBM’s stable coin – the first digital asset under the development at the IBM headquarters.

In his interview, Jesse Lund explained that speculators are creating the wrong image of Bitcoin, which is affecting its price in a negative way, adding that there would be real deals with banks worldwide that would include Bitcoin, only if the crypto would trade at a far higher price in oppose to its current value in the market.

Further in the interview, Lund added that he sees Bitcoin at 1 million dollars one day, with 20 trillion dollars in liquidity for Bitcoin, which could bring real changes to the cryptocurrency market and the banking system as we know it.

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