Amazon Stock Forecast: Can Amazon Stock Recover and Go Higher Over Netflix with This Move?

Jennifer Sulke, the new head of Amazon Studios, has most recently shared a plan that Amazon has on the matter of improving their strategy in terms of film output, which resembles a strategy that Netflix has with their services.

The majority of Netflix films never get to see the big screen, but are increasing the company’s revenues from month to month and annually by attracting new customers in form of subscribers to the service thanks to their wide offer of flicks and series, of which many come from Netflix’s original production.

Amazon Studios touched its peak several years back, in 2016, when Manchester by the Sea brought an Oscar to Casey Affleck for his performance, and their Mozart in the Jungle took a Golden Globe home.

Amazon is now looking at improving their strategy in order to drive more revenues to the company through Amazon Studios, thus potentially raising the price of Amazon stocks in the market.

Will the New Strategy Bring More Revenues to Amazon Studios and Increase the Price of Amazon Stocks in the Market?

Netflix made quite a deal with Adam Sandler by signing an agreement with the famous comedian back in 2014, while doubling on the deal already in 2017. What Netflix was aiming at was attracting a massive fan base that Adam Sander has to their platform, which they have achieved, driving more subscribers and more revenues to the company.

On the other hand, Amazon is focused on more artistic films, but is looking for new ways of attracting subscribers to Amazon Prime by mildly shifting their movie policy to meet a wider audience of potential subscribers.

Amazon Prime will be thus introducing more in-house production flicks with the idea o attract more subscribers, which should ultimately increase the company’s revenues, potentially raising the value of Amazon stocks in the market.




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