BUY or SELL: Amazon Stock Forecast Looks Below Wall Street’s Expectations Despite a Better Revenue

Amazon shared good news regarding the revenues the company managed to collect during the fourth quarter, however, it appears that Wall Street is not particularly happy with the company’s expectations for the first quarter of 2019.

As stated by Jeff Bezos, the first man of Amazon, Alexa showed to be one of the main points of interest on Amazon, which is why a growing number of scientists and engineers are working on Alexa, and the company is expecting to see from 2.3 billion to 3.3 billion dollars in operating income.

Amazon Records 20% Increase in Revenue for the Last Quarter of 2018

Amazon company recorded 20% of increase in the quarterly revenue for the last quarter of 2018, generating revenue of 72.4 billion dollars, that way exceeding investors’ and analysts’ expectations that was set at the predicted revenue of 71.87 billion US dollars.

The expected average price per share predicted for AMZN was previously set at 5.68$, however, the company reached the value of 6.04$ per share in the fourth quarter of the last year.

One of the factors that could stand in a way of Amazon to reach a higher price than the announced 60 billion dollars for the quarterly revenue, according to Jeff Bezos, is the foreign exchange rate, while Wall Street’s expectations go beyond the numbers that Amazon previously announced as their target revenue.

According to the most recent reports submitted by Amazon, the company managed to top the net sales to 44 billion dollars for the whole fiscal year of 2018, while the company previously reported 37 billion dollars on year-to-year for 2017.

Additionally, Amazon reported the increase in sales during the year 2018, sharing that the company has seen 31% of increase which brought 232.9 billion dollars in sales in oppose to the results from 2017 when the company saw 177.9 billion dollars in sales.

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