How Long Does It Take to Become a Data Scientist? Magnimind Academy Offers a 6-week Program

Data scientist is one of the top-wanted positions for four years in a row in the United States as this profession is also recording an increased demand on the global level as well.

To meet the demand for highly educated data scientists who are able to utilize extracted information and knowledge in order to provide a value to various industries and sectors, Magnimind Academy is offering a data science program where all attendees will be able to master the basics of data science.

The team of experienced data science instructors have compiled this course in a way it would allow an average careerist with a daytime job to perfect their knowledge by adding another skillset to their professional portfolio within the course of only 6 weeks.

Magnimind Academy Offers a 6-week Program for Data Scientists

Data scientists can now be fully trained at the Magnimind Academy within the program that takes only 6 weeks to complete.

The program is presented as a data science course for professionals who already have full-time jobs and would like to perfect their knowledge or redirect their profession towards data science.

Data science also represents a tempting profession for the past several years due to the average salary of 120,000$ per year, which is why the demand for data science courses is at an all-time high. 

At Magnimind Academy, all attendees who complete the minimum of 80% of lessons within the data science course will become eligible for getting a legitimate certificate that confirms their practical and theoretical knowledge in data science.

After the completion of the 6-week course, all attendees should be able to apply what they have learned in order to provide value through the extraction of knowledge and information to their future employers and their future projects.

Within the Magnimind data science course, attendees will gain access to 36 lessons on basics of data science, which includes 18 office hours divided in office sessions of 3 hours each where course attendees will be able to practice what they have learned through live application.

Additionally, office hours will allow all attendees to communicate with instructors and discuss any unclear points in the course lessons, as well as ask questions regarding the subject.

How the Magnimind Course Can be Completed?

The course lasts for 6 weeks, during which attendees will be able to communicate with highly experienced instructors, attend 6-hour lessons and take advantage of 3 office hours within the course where they will be able to apply their knowledge on their assigned projects and test their skills.

The course has 36 lessons, however, in order for attendees to become eligible for data science certificate by Magnimind, 80% of the course must be completed.

In less than two months, in the end of the Magnimind course, attendees who are able to meet all requirements will become certified experts in data science, able to apply their knowledge on real-life projects across various industries and sectors. 

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Aamir Kapoor is a fintech writer specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain. He has a background in finance and banking and was a researcher.