How to Become a Data Scientist with Magnimind Academy Data Science Bootcamp?

Data science is contributing to various fields and industries by using a scientific approach in order to extract information and knowledge in various sectors of data, utilizing different methods, algorithms, processes and systems.

Data science is becoming a subject of an increased interest for the past couple of years, and as such is becoming one of the most promising careers worldwide, which is why Magnimind Academy Data Science Bootcamp is focused on teaching data science basics to all future data scientists interested in the course.

How to Become a Data Scientist?

Data scientists are playing a major role in various businesses and sectors as their job is revolving around extracting valuable knowledge and information in order to apply the collected knowledge in order to improve the efficiency of a given business or a project.

Already four years in a row, data scientist position had been proven to be on the top demand in the US, backing the fact that data scientist make a valuable position across many different companies and institutions.

Salary for this position is also at a satisfactory level as the average salary of a data scientist starts at 120.000 US dollars annually, which is most certainly one of the reasons why many people decide to go for this profession.

If you believe that you are talented for data science, you can get your certificate with Magnimind Academy Data Science Bootcamp, as the platform is offering a 6-week course with 36 lessons and only 18 office hours needed for the course to be completed.

At the end of the course, all students are set to acquire a personal graduation certificate, where in order to achieve this, a student would need to attend at least 80% of the lessons within the course.

Who Can Attend Magnimind Academy Data Science Bootcamp?

Magnimind data science course is ideally created for highly motivated individuals who have ongoing jobs and who are either interested in changing their career or adding another highly valued skill to their professional curriculum.

This is precisely the reason why Magnimind course is designed to avoid conflict between the students’ regular jobs and the course they are attending with the goal of becoming data scientists, which is how all attendees will be able to choose between weekday evenings or weekends for attending the lessons.

The approach used within the course is focused both on practical and theoretical application, and is comprised of 36 lessons, which will be divided on the course of 6 weeks.

During the course, each attendee will have 6 hours of lectures and 3 office hours. During the course of 6 hours, attendees will learn about data science basics and within the remaining 3 office hours, students will be able to practice what they have learned and work on the projects that have been assigned to them in order to test their skills and knowledge as they are gradually advancing.

Instructors working on the course will be available for questions during 3 office hours during which the students will be able to ask anything regarding the lesson they have just went through.

Magnimind 6-week course is designed in a way to fully prepare all students to work in the field of data science. 

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