High Demand for Tesla’s Model 3 Despite the Long Waiting Lists

American automotive and energy company Tesla which specializes in electric car manufacturing has a high demand for Tesla’s Model 3.

Previously holding waiting lists from 12 to 18 months for Tesla’s Model 3, the latest Tesla electric vehicle is still scoring long waiting lists with a slight drop of wait time to the period of 6 to 9 months. Despite the Tesla protest because of the holding waiting lists, demand is still growing.

Despite the reduced wait time for the 35,000$ worth  Tesla Model 3, the demand for Tesla’s latest arrival is still high, which indicates that the company is more likely to take advantage of the long wait lists for their newest model.

The company previously had issues with sales, additionally having to pay a debt of nearly billion dollars several days ago on March 1st, however, it appears that despite occasional skepticism Models 3 may affect the company’s net in a positive way.

Tesla’s Model 3 Waiting Lists to Pay Off to the Company

Waiting lists are telling a rather satisfying story on the matter of making a substantial profit with the latest Tesla electric vehicle model that seems to be attracting buyers in bulks.

One of the reasons that could explain this case is the fact that even a used Tesla Model 3 with low mile s being sold at the retail price, which means that used models don’t lose much on their value – if anything, the fact that buyers don’t have to join a long waiting list in order to get to Model 3 is keeping the price close to its initial value, which is rarely the case with other models.

For example, Tesla Model S loses around -28% of its value after 50,000 miles, based on data by Loup Ventures, capital venture firm based in New York.

The fact that Model 3 is experiencing a high demand is actually resulting in having its value depreciated at a far lower rate.

In the meanwhile, Elon Musk hired a prosecutor to help him in the legal battle initiated by the SEC, as Tesla’s CEO is charged for sharing production estimates for Tesla.

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