Unicorn IPOs: Top Unicorn Startups with IPOs to Watch in 2019

Startup companies booming at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 that are worth and valued at 1 billion dollars are known as “unicorns” based on a popular financial term forged back in 2013.

Much like the dot-com bubble that took place around a decade earlier, these startups are soaring in form of Initial Public Offerings, while there are around 40 of such IPOs being prepared for the official release or have been already released into the market.

As analysts are predicting, there will probably be more startup IPOs joining the market in 2019, while some are set to earn the status of a unicorn startup.

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Top Unicorn Startups with IPOs and Upcoming IPOs: Software Companies Dominating

In most cases, the most successful unicorn startups are usually backed and known by a working application for smartphones and computers, such as it is the case with Slack – a well-known software for chatting, messaging and exchanging of files, similar to WhatsApp or Viber.

However, the dominating startups for the year interested in issuing IPOs are actually software companies that are usually not backed by famous apps that people can recognize. These companies are valued from 1 billion to 5 billion dollars each, that way representing more unicorn startups.

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Some of the top Unicorn IPOs t watch are still backed by applications, such as Lyft and Uber for example.

Uber is preparing their IPO and is valued at 120 billion dollars with operations in around 70 countries worldwide, and Lyft had just issued their IPO and it carries a value of 15 billion dollars.

Airbnb, the famous rental application IPO is set at 31 billion dollars in value, and Slack is said to be worth 7 billion dollars.

The four startups are definitely some of the top unicorn IPOs and are currently drawing attention from investors, however, many analysts are fearing that the bloating value of these startups could end in a bursting bubble in the time to come.

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