Investment Report: Massive Growth Potential Industries in the Stock Market

The United States is potentially getting close to more bear trends by the end of 2019 as many financial analysts and economists are predicting a form of financial crisis or even recession in the upcoming months. But people are still looking for the best investment industries.

When looking for perfect industries to invest in, there are several key metrics that investors always pay attention to, such as strong growth, low debt ratio, stable profits with potential for long-term growth, low leverage, and strong balance sheet, while many investors will avoid red flags such as lack of innovation or declining sales and profits.

There are more than several industries in the stock market that are showing a massive growth potential in the period of the next ten years, which could at the same time represent your choice for investments.


With regulations bending in multiple countries in favor of medicinal and recreational marijuana, the cannabis industry has shown an exceptional growth potential that is only set to rise as the time is passing by.

Financial Services

Financial services industry has always been in high demand, regardless of the ever-changing trends. Now that the financial industry has met technology to create fintech industry, the potential of the sector appears to be even greater.

The Internet of Things

Companies that are working with the Internet of Things are focused on cutting expenses and operation costs as all devices are connected to the Internet of Things ecosystem where data is being efficiently collected through the network.

Virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, or Siri, are using the Internet of Things technology, raising profits and sales on the behalf of their companies.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been experiencing an accelerated growth over the past several years with multiple companies from various industries getting their piece of the AI cake. Companies such as FedEx, Walmart, Pizza Hut and Uber are already working on automated delivery vehicle running on AI.


We are shifting our everyday lives to the internet pages more and more so from year to year, which is why security has become of utmost value when t comes to internet browsing.

Online security is already a massive industry, which is predicted to double its profits in the course of the next 3 years.

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