Warren Buffet Talked About Investing in Bitcoin and Wall Street-

In one of his latest interviews for CNBC, Warren Buffet talked about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market once again, stating that he hasn’t change his mind on the matter of investing in Bitcoin.

Warren Buffet previously called Bitcoin a scheme, rat poison, tulips, unworthy, and a delusion, stating that Bitcoin offers no true value, being worth only as much as the next guy is ready to pay for it.

Bitcoin did fail to get back to its all-time high of 20k as noted back at the end of 2017 during a mass rebound in the market when the majority of cryptos were heading towards new highs, however, the coin had since showed a stable pace of growth currently traded above 3,800$ per one BTC.

Although the Chief Executive of Berkshire Hathaway stated that he has sympathy for BTC and cryptocurrency investors who believe they can earn millions through this developing market, Mr. Buffet insists that Bitcoin and the crypto market are nothing more than a delusion.

On the matter of blockchain technology, Buffet expressed a different opinion, where he explained that he approves blockchain as technology, as well as adding that the success of blockchain has nothing to do with the value of cryptocurrency.

As Warren Buffet stated in the interview, cryptocurrency market has no unique value to it, which is why he will never invest in Bitcoin or any other currency.

Still, Warren Buffet is not changing his mind on crypto and Bitcoin, placing his trust in Wall Street where the “huge money” is.

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