Businesses and Companies Accepting Bitcoin (BTC), Bakkt and Starbucks are In Line

Over the course of the last several years, many retail businesses, online stores, restaurants, and shops started to accept cryptocurrency as an alternative payment method, which is how cryptocurrency mass adoption is slowly taking an upward path towards mainstream utilization.

Besides a great number of businesses that announced accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and several other cryptocurrencies, more companies are confirming their readiness to accept payments in cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin.

In one of the recent announcements that came from Bakkt and Starbucks, it was stated that Starbucks should soon start accepting BTC across their coffee shops in the United States due to the fact that the coffee company gained significant equity in Bakkt company.

However, BTC payments in Starbucks have to be taxed, which is why buying a coffee at Starbucks with BTC might be more complicated than expected when it comes to purchasing a cup of latte that you need to enter in your tax filing later on.

Moreover, there are many different companies, although usually small-capped firms and medium-sized businesses have announced accepting crypto by far.

In the sector of online companies, you can pay with your BTC at Overstock, Fancy and BitPlaza, while Microsoft stores and Newegg are accepting BTC as a payment method for quite some time now.

Bitcoin enthusiasts can also pay for their food, web services and even clothes at a great number of shops that can be found online.

Besides from the pending solution that will allow users to buy their coffee with Bitcoin at Starbucks in 2019, BTC can also be spent on Amazon through, which will bring you a discount and other perks available on Amazon.

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