Crypto Trends to Watch in 2019: What to Expect from Cryptocurrency Market in 2019

Cryptocurrency market had an amazing run during the course of 2017 when the majority of cryptocurrencies were heading towards all-time highs and market peaks, however, most of the cryptos, including the top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) sank in 2018, altogether losing around -90% of the total market value of all cryptocurrencies.

In the course of around 16 months, Bitcoin declined from its peak of 20,000$ per unit as recorded in December 2017, to the value of below 4,000$ by the time 2019 started.

What is installed for the cryptocurrency market in 2019 and which trends will dominate the markets during the year?

SEC and Regulations, Institutional Investors, and More for Cryptocurrency Market in 2019

Perhaps the biggest turning point for cryptocurrency would be seeing regulations on digital assets finally rolling out, while Securities and Exchange Commission is already working on removing scams, schemes and illegal cryptocurrencies that are proven as securities from the market, that way creating a safer environment for investors.

It is expected to see the digital assets further defined by regulations even outside the US, as it expected to see a positive outcome in case exchanges and crypto startups respond to regulations.

Regulating the market that is still in its infancy stage should also bring institutional investors to the table, as not many institutions are investing in cryptocurrency startup, although the numbers are increasing in favor of the cryptocurrency market.

Having institutional investors barging in should be followed by price rises in the market, however, many of them are still overly cautious, so although it is considered that 2019 should bring more big-time investors to the market, it should take more time to see this number significantly increased.

On the other hand, companies such as Coinbase, BlackRock and Goldman Sachs are working on custodial services and similar offers that should create a safer environment and attract institutional investors.

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