Investing 2019: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing Categorized as Some of the Top Growing Industries

Based on the records from companies that are involved with Software-as-a-Service and cloud computing services, these industries have become some of the top growing industries in the market in the last several years, according to increased revenues and noted accelerated pace of growth.

Companies like Zendesk in the sector of Software-as-a-Service, and Amazon and Microsoft’s Azure in the domain of cloud computing services are all marking major success in the period of the last several years, which is how these sectors are attracting investors’ attention, despite the fact that many analysts are predicting a rough period in the markets ahead of us.

Moreover, due to the fact that these sectors are recording increased demand during the last several years, SaaS and cloud computing are said to be solid investments in the long run and for the short-term gains.

SaaS and Cloud Computing Recording Increased Demand Bringing More Profit to the Market

Perhaps SaaS has seen some of the most accelerated rates of growth in oppose to other similar industries in the course of the past several years, while cloud computing is also recording surging in growth and revenues in the past year.

Zendesk and Salesforce are probably some of the top companies in the industry of SaaS, reporting the annual growth by 39% for Zendesk in revenues during the course of a single year, and 25% for Salesforce within the same timeframe.

Moreover, Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon are some of the leading companies in the industry of cloud computing, with Amazon Web Service reporting a consecutive growth of 49% in revenues in the period of one year, concluded with the last Q2 report.

Azure has an even faster rate of growth where the last report showcased an amazing growth of 89% from year to year for Microsoft’s cloud computing company.

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