30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web: How the Internet is Still Bringing Major Changes to the World

Starting out as an idea by Tim Berners-Lee, a computer scientist and engineer based in England, World Wide Web soon became a world phenomenon, also described as the most advanced and fastest-growing medium of communication that allows us to communicate anytime, anywhere (where there is internet connection available) and with anyone in the world.

Sharing information and different type of content have never been easier and simpler, but that is not the only contribution that the World Wide Web and the internet have brought us.

Internet is now the main medium to finding new customers, new clients, offering services, making online purchases and even starting out new businesses and opening new sectors that never existed before.

The internet brought us cloud computing, freelancing, web development, fintech, SaaS, social media giants now worth billions in market cap, and more, said to be still changing the world as we know it even after 30 years.

How Internet Have Changed Our Lives for Good: The Impact the Internet Had Made in the Last 30 Years

Bringing new businesses, and new industries and sectors, the internet is still considered to be a fully transformational technology that is changing even in the moment as we speak. The internet has reshaped almost every aspect of our lives, also bringing new sectors and industries to the business scene and stock markets likewise.

The internet also brought the dot-com bubble, perhaps to remind us that all the good things must also come with major downfalls, and is still reminding us of this fact with the expansion of “fake news” that have become a major problem regarding the misuse of information distributed across the internet.

Perhaps the WWW have failed us in some ways, but have also opened doors to multiple opportunities, bringing billions to different businesses and allowing other businesses such as marketing, retail and commerce, transportation and travel, and more, to transform and take an advanced form that would allow these sectors to thrive even with the changing times and trends.

World Wide Web will surely go on as a medium, not only of communication, but transformation for the years yet to come, and given the fact that the internet allows quick transformations also nurturing revolution across numerous sectors, who knows what wonders we will get to extract from this transformational technology in the course of the next 30 years.

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