The Potential of Blockchain Startups: Reasons to Invest in Blockchain

Even though cryptocurrency has fallen into the clutches of the actively ravaging “crypto winter” that started out with a major market crash in November 2018, blockchain is still experiencing success expected from such transformational technology.

Starting from government sectors across the world considering blockchain for data operations and smoother data collection, including testing blockchain-driven voting, to having blockchain colliding with Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, in the course of the last 10 years, this foundational technology has also found a monetary potential as it has the ability of driving revenues and profit to blockchain startups.

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Companies like IOTA Foundation with (MIOTA) cryptocurrency are already making partnerships with prominent automotive companies such as Volkswagen and BMW, Ripple has made partners with over 200 banks and financial institutions, and Stellar (XLM) for instance is partner with tech giant, IBM, which is only a glimpse into a potential that blockchain startup offer.

What Are Some of the Top Reasons to Invest in Blockchain?

Blockchain managed to find its way towards numerous different industries in the last decade, also opening new job positions and starting new technological trends, while cryptocurrency startups are not the only multi-million and multi-billion companies involved with this transformational technology.

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There are many banks that are already working with blockchain technology, expecting to see 27 billion dollars in cut expenses from year to year in the period of the next ten years by 2030, while there are many successful companies working with blockchain technology that are offering IPOs instead of ICOs.

Companies such as 360 Blockchain, BTL Group, BTCS, and Blok Technologies are only some of the top blockchain stocks offered by companies that exclusively deal with blockchain investments, cryptocurrency mining, blockchain technology integrations, and other blockchain-based services and products that are showing a rising demand, thus driving more profit to this sector.

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