Ethereum ETH in 2019: How Investing in Ethereum (ETH) Might Be a Profitable Call in the Long Run

Ethereum went on a wild ride with the beginning of 2018 cuts in the cryptocurrency market sliding from an all-time high of 1,448$ per one ETH. Since making it to its all-time high, Ethereum lost -90% of its value, especially going through a major downward trend during the November dips, which ultimately persuaded many investors to stand back and sell their ETH.

Those who decided to HODL could look forward to the rebound during the past 8 weeks as ETH managed to climb by 13.3% against the fiat in the last 60 days, however, still away from its all-time high.

While many believe that ETH will get back to its all-time high soon enough, the more realistic situation is that Ethereum will be able to double its current value as recorded in March 2019 in the course of the next several years as the new projects behind the second-largest crypto are unraveling.

Reasons to Keep an Eye on Ethereum (ETH) in the Following Years from 2019 to 2025

Ethereum introduced blockchain community to the concept of smart contracts, which soon led to the expansion of Dapp development, with new projects like EOS (EOS) and NEO (NEO) emerging to try and take over the crown of number one Dapp platform for Ethereum.

ETH appeared to have started to lose its own game after a debacle with a popular Dapp game that made the entire network freeze, ultimately pointing out at one of the biggest problems that the decentralized community is facing – scalability.

However, ETH announced solution for scaling their network alongside switching to Proof of Stake, which should all result in creating Ethereum 2.0 with the ability to process up to 1 million transactions, which would send the crypto to the list of fastest cryptos in oppose to its current ability to process around 15 Tx per second.

Ethereum is hoping to attract new developers to the platform, while investors are hoping to double their investment in the course of next 5 to 6 years.

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