XVG Price Prediction 2019: The Verge Coin Could See A Spike With New Partnerships

Verge (XVG) in its partnership quest hunted for an alike ally to strengthen its privacy policy. A renowned VPN service provider that keeps users activities anonymous on its web, Trust.Zone.VPN has inked a partnership deal with Verge (XVG) to provide internet users optimum privacy service on the internet even while they make payments.

Verge (XVG) Making New Partnership Amid Bullish Run

Verge (XVG) is regarded as one of the safest platforms among the crypto community and has continued to embark on partnerships across different sectors. Its partnership with netcent has been a talking point for a while as the coin is set to benefit immensely with the deal.

It is anticipated that XVG domiciled debit cards are going to be issued to holders with this partnership and the coin could see a spike in user Base with this development. This spate of partnerships saw the coin rise by as much as 14% within the past few days. April is looking good for the secure cryptocurrency.

Verge (XVG) Partners Trust.Zone VPN

Verge (XVG) Announces New Partnership Deal, One Other News With Bounty For Users

The partnership is seen as a major leapfrog for Verge. Aside the huge adoption handed in for Verge, the cryptographic project will be liable to additional security and privacy layer.

While Verge (XVG) gets more usage and acceptability on the VPN service, TrustZone noted that users of the anonymous VPN service who pay with XVG will be given 10% discount from now till the end of 2019.

The co-founder of Trust.Zone, Alex Edwin, in a statement said the collaboration will go a long way offering internet users the privacy they want.

“Anonymous VPN service + Anonymous Cryptocurrency may change the way you surf the Internet. We make the Internet, the way it was meant to be – secure, safe and anonymous. We want to provide all internet users who care about their online privacy and use of personal information with the highest level of online security and protection,” Edwin stated.

Trust.Zone VPN service is regarded as logless, and its leverages Seychelles jurisdiction. Seychelles is designed not to retain data, thus preventing tracking and monitoring of online data and activities. Trust.Zone VPN also supports Warrant Canary and has a strict zero-log policy.

Market Predictions for Verge price

With the market being completely unpredictable, forecasting the cryptocurrency price is really more of a gamble and luck rather than a data driven guesstimate.

Let’s throw a glance at the eminent publications and personalities, and their predictions regarding the Verge (XVG) price, which will give us another point of view to consider:


Algorithm at cryptoground.com sees some green color in the second part of this year for XVG, predicting it reaches $0.0281 by the end of the year.

Wallet Investor

One of the best crypto market analysis site, walletinvestor.com forecasts that verge coin might reach up to $0.138 by the end of 2019. They even stated that in 5 years, XVG might go up by 2-3%.

Mega Crypto Price

According to this predicting algo, XVG might hit $0.7401 by 2020 (Verge Coin price prediction 2020). They even added that by 2023, Verge might reach $2.39.

Coin Fan

Coin Fan predicts that by the end of 2019, XVG might reach as much as $0.172 and on the lower side, it can reach $0.127.By 2020, XVG might reach somewhere between $0.45 to $0.61, as per Coin Fan Predictions.

Digital Coin Price

This website predicts that XVG might reach $0.0257 by the end of 2019 and might reach $0.043 by 2022. It even shows a fall in price in 2023 and predicts that XVG price might get devalued to $0.041.

Trading Beasts

Trading Beasts predict that XVG might reach around $0.05 towards the end of 2019. This forecast is a very pessimistic one. They even stated that by 2020, XVG might be somewhere around $0.07.

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Aamir Kapoor is a fintech writer specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain. He has a background in finance and banking and was a researcher.