Is Tron (TRX) long term investment? Main reasons for TRX price to rise-

TRON (TRX) Long Term Price Prediction: What Realistic Crypto Analysts Have to Say About The Future Forecast Of TRX

TRON (TRX) is easily one of the most recognizable currencies in the crypto market, partially due to the social involvement of TRON’s founder and CEO, Justin Sun, who is a rather active member on social networks like Twitter.

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Moreover, TRON, previously hosted on Ethereum blockchain, is now challenging ETH network with the recently launched TRON Virtual Machine, while promoting Dapp development with TRON. Alongside with working on Project Atlas that should utilize the power of previously acquired data sharing service, BitTorrent, TRX has seen an increased momentum due to its Independence Day declaration back in June when the team launched their own mainnet.

Here is what some crypto analysts have to say regarding the price of TRON during the next 5 years.

Main reasons for TRX price to rise


The Tronix price prediction is one of the most positive in the industry. The coin shows an unmatchable stability (if we don’t consider stablecoin as competitors 🤓). In fact, the coin almost doubled its price over the course of the winter 2018-2019. The crypto have already been the best gainer of a week since the start of the year. For example, the coin managed to become the biggest gainer of the week from January 21 to January 27.

Tron (TRX) was the best performing cryptocurrency among the largest coins by market cap over the past week. In its weekly report, Tron said that it has over “150 DApps and more than 300 smart contracts.”

At the recent niTron Summit, Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun said that he expects the number of decentralized applications (DApps) on the network to surge to 2,000 by the year-end.

In addition to the coin’s financial results, the positivity of the TRON price prediction is supported by its development progress and the social activity of its team. For example, the TRON accelerator provided the project with multiple new TRON-based decentralized applications (dapps). The company also holds a niTRON SUMMIT in San Francisco, California, raising awareness about the product.

The TRON cryptocurrency in already one of the most technically advanced coins on the market. The Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm provided the TRON blockchain with a very high transactions per second parameter and high scalability. The usage of TRON is available via multiple devices (phones, tablets, PCs). The platform has well-written technical documentation for both its own developers and the outside participants of the project.

Weak points

The coin is widely dependent on the decentralized application market. All the price predictions are, ultimately, coming from two other anticipations – an anticipation of the future financial results of the market of dapps and the possibility of the success of the TRON competitors; for example, Ethereum, EOS and NEO. All these platforms have no strong focus on the digital entertainment industry but also provide successful framework for the development of dapps and smart contracts deployment.

TRON has its advantages over the mentioned platforms as it is, for example, faster than Ethereum, the major and stable top-3 crypto. The coin was also improved in terms of availability for both developers and users.

However, the competitors of the TRON project also have their strong sides. Ethereum has a first-mover advantage and a massive media presence. The NEO project provides physical assets digitalization, the EOS platform is a world leading cryptocurrency in terms of transaction speed. And the list of the TRON competitors mentioned above is far from being complete.

The team

For every project worth investing in, the team and what they set out to achieve constitute an important starting point. Tron has one of the strongest teams in cryptosphere.

Perhaps we should just say that of all projects out of China, TRX’s team is the pick of the best.

They have an extraordinary team sourced from the biggest tech companies and the whos-who in the country.

At the helm of the team is yet another bright mind in the shape of its founder and CEO Justin Sun. The team has been able to achieve a faster growth for the platform is less than a year.

The TRON team and Foundation are playing a very big role in the race to gain adoption and ultimately revolutionize the entertainment industry as well as the internet.

Every objective set out by the team has so far been delivered as expected.

The team is also securing several high profile partnerships that will be very critical in helping the crypto penetrate the highly lucrative entertainment industry.

TRON’s Mainnet

Tron successfully launched their mainnet on May 31 and is in the process of migrating from the Ethereum network to its own blockchain. The project has one of the largest communities and boasts 100 million users.

After the launch of the Genesis block on June 25, “TRON will officially become a free, autonomous, and self-governed decentralized protocol with robust community consensus.”

It will be one of the top blockchains for developers.

Tron Foundation’s robust marketing and the ease of deploying dApps on the network will attract even more, growing the network and moving it towards global adoption.

Tron has garnered a lot of support over the last few months and is poised to see increased interest.

The coin is listed on more than 100 trading exchanges and is likely to end up as one of the biggest in the shape of Coinbase.

The TRX price

We’ve already established that TRON is a great project that is most likely going to achieve global adoption.

And we also know that TRX is attractively priced at the moment. At just $0.0437, the coin is a great bargain.

With expected growth, before long it will have risen to $1, maybe $2. And what if it hits $5 in a few years?

So, if TRX gains anywhere near what it did at the beginning of the year, it will have been a good return.

However, we know that it is capable of much more. Definitely, TRON is a good investment on the basis that its value is set to grow in the near future.

TRON price in 2019 and further

Despite having multiple (and rather successful) competitors, the project is one of the current leaders of the industry. The coin is widely seen as a promising investment and it positively affects TRX price predictions. The current TRON CEO reported that the platform has a uptrend in terms of newly deployed dapps and the blockchain. Every new successful dapp is a big supporter of the future financial stability of the project.

The most likely TRON price forecast for the nearest future is an ascending trend with high volatility. The current state of the market is very unpredictable and the coin can be affected by the market fluctuations.

However, the TRON price prediction is not the same as for other coins as the TRON price is not as speculation-based. As the TRON coin will get more and more use cases its price will grow accordingly. The TRON price forecast is dependent on how much users will the coin attract in the future and it currently shows impressive results.

In case we don’t allow for the possibility of another market boom, the most reasonable positive prediction for the coin is placed around its last major peak of 9 cents per coin, which is around four times its current price.

However, this mark isn’t likely to be reached in the nearest future. While the whole market is in stagnation, both the price of the coin is damaged by trader’s insecurity and the usage of the platform is affected by the developers uncertainty in the future of the industry.

At the time when the industry will start more or less stable regain of its previous position, the TRON price graph will show the coin as a major gainer. So, the TRON price prediction for the end of 2019 – start of 2020 is around 9 cents per coin. It is probable that TRX price chart will show the price of around 3 cents for the biggest part of the year.

However, the TRON price prediction for 2025 and further is much less certain. Even the medium TRON price in 2020 is very hard to determine. While it is most likely that the dapps market will grow significantly improving the TRON’s financial positions, it will also provide the TRON competitors with a prominent platform for advancement. If you see the TRON coin as a long-term investment the most important question to be asked is “Will TRON beat its competitors in the future?”, because if it will, then its price can increase tenfold and even further.

Realistic Tron price prediction

TRON (TRX) to Reach 4$ by the End of 2023

According to one of the analysts from the cryptocurrency space, Ken Peterson, TRX will achieve the value of solid 4$ per one unit in the course of the next 5 years, considering that the value of TRON will gradually rise with the increased adoption of TRX as well as the increased utilization of projects the foundation is working on.

TRON (TRX) to Reach 3.5$ by the End of 2023

Eric Thies, a cryptocurrency analyst, forecasted that TRX will acquire a price of 0.75$ per one unit by the year of 2019, which is 3 times higher than the original all-time high of 0.25$ that TRON recorded back at the beginning of January 2018 when it spiked against the dollar with the majority of currencies.

Given the fact that TRON foundation is working on creating the first Decentralized Web, otherwise known as Web 3.0, the potential of reaching these predicted prices is surely present.

TRON to Reach 3$ by the End of 2023

The initial long-term price prediction for TRON in the period of the next 5 years forecasted by a cryptoanalyst known as Crypto Squared, says TRX will reach 0.5$ per one unit by the 2019, which might be a more realistic outcome for a currency with an all-time high of 0.025$, given the fact that it lost around -90% of its total value since making it to its record value.

In the long run, Crypto Squared says that TRX will reach 3$ by the end of 2023, taking into consideration major projects that the foundation is working on, which should, in the long run, increase the value of this asset. TRON is still at the first stage of its development in accordance with its roadmap, so it yet remains to be seen what this crypto is capable of.

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