Robinhood IPO Date 2019: Should You Invest in Robinhood and When Will the IPO Go Live? Price Estimates, Profitability Rate and Information on Robinhood IPO

Robinhood is perhaps one of the top trading platforms and applications among millennials and further, while this fintech startup soon became one of the hottest topics in the industry with no fees for trading and having cryptocurrency and equities traded on the platform alike.

The fintech startup gained even more momentum with the CEO, Baiju Bhatt announcing that the company has a clear plan on how to go public, as CFO for Robinhood IPO has already been hired.

Moreover, the platform had reached over 4 million active users, being valued at 5.6 billion dollars within the upcoming IPO, even though the fintech startup is reporting losses.

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What to Expect from the Upcoming Robinhood IPO in 2019?

Previously raising 110 million dollars back in 2017 through private funding, Robinhood achieved the status of a fintech unicorn, with an estimated value set at 1.3 billion back in April 2017.

A year later, in 2018, the company had another private funding round which had investors pouring in 539 million dollars in funding, which raised the estimates to 5.6 billion dollars, after which the IPO filing followed.

The company is reporting losses on year to date, however, Robinhood retains a massive potential due to a large userbase of active account holders on this trading platforms, so investors would probably be willing to ignore short-term losses for the sake of long-term gains and profit returns.

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Although Robinhood trading platform offers zero-fee trading with crypto and stocks, the company is generating profit through Robinhood Gold, charging anywhere from 10$ to 200$ per month for premium investors and traders.

In addition to a large userbase and a massive growth potential as fintech industry is becoming ever more so profitable, Robinhood IPO turn out to be a success.

Even though IPO is confirmed, the exact date when Robinhood should become a publicly traded offer is not revealed yet, which is the case with price per share information as well. However, Robinhood will most go public in 2019.

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