Casper IPO Date 2019: Should You Invest in Casper IPO and How Profitable it is? Information on Profits, Funding Rounds, and Price Estimates of Casper IPO

Casper might be one of the fastest growing mattress business in the US, as the CEO, Philip Krim, announced back at the end of August 2018 that the company will be opening 200 new retail stores.

Besides from having a massive mattress retail business through Casper’s online stores, the company is expanding to physical stores, while bringing innovation to the business of mattresses and bedtime accessories and focusing on user engagement.

Due to the high-quality products, fast-growing business and expanding capacity, the CEO also announced that the company has in mind to go public, stating that Casper has its own capital base as well as institutional capital.

The markets are hot, as Krim stated back in August for Fox Business, so the company is preparing to go live in 2019.

What to Expect from the Upcoming Casper IPO in 2019?

Casper is working on expansion from their online business to physical retail stores, opening 200 new stores where customers would be able to try mattresses before deciding to buy them, in a private and pleasant environment.

The company has been raising private funds for years now, sharing plans of issuing IPO even back in 2017, while Casper has a huge market potential.

The industry of mattresses might not be the most glamorous, but the sector is generating from 14 to 16 billion dollars from year to year, with high margins that go up to 50%.

The CEO stated that the company would be market ready by 2019, however, no further details were released into the public on the exact date of Casper IPO or the price share for that matter.

The fact that Caper managed to get past 200 million dollars in revenues after only 2 years of starting an online business tells a lot about the value and the growth rate of the company, while the mattress innovator managed to raise 239.5 million dollars in venture capital by Q4 of 2018.


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