Report: Palantir Technologies Is A Key Player In Law Enforcement Software Market [Palantir IPO 2019]

Peter Thiel was one of the first bigger outside investors behind Facebook (FB), and have also co-founded PayPal (PYPL), and with Palantir as one of his strongest ventures as the Big Data market is expanding and gaining more on its value, Palantir IPO might be one of the biggest in 2019 alongside Uber.

In the meanwhile, the company announced cutting share prices for employees’ stock options, which means that employees will be able to purchase Palantir shares at 6$ per share as announced back at the end of January 2019, while investors will be dealing with different share prices that are still being kept private.

This data mining firm is said to have already spoken to Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse on the potential IPO in 2019, while the initial issuance for this company’s public offering is expected to take place in the second half of 2019.

The estimated value of Palantir upcoming IPO is set at tens of billions of dollars, while the IPO is yet to be confirmed officially. Estimates claim that Palantir IPO is valued between 30 and 40 billion dollars.

Key Player In Law Enforcement Software Market

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In 2018, the global Law Enforcement Software market size was 1880 million US$ and it is expected to reach 4550 million US$ by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of 11.7% between 2019 and 2025. Law enforcement is any system by which some members of society act in an organized manner to enforce the law by discovering, deterring, rehabilitating, or punishing people who violate the rules and norms governing that society. Although the term may encompass entities such as courts and prisons, it is most frequently applied to those who directly engage in patrols or surveillance to dissuade and discover criminal activity, and those who investigate crimes and apprehend offenders, a task typically carried out by the police or another law enforcement agency.

From the view of region, North America hold the leading market position which account for 41.69% in2018. Although Europe hold the smaller market of 33.78% in 2018, the rest of the world will witness their faster growth in the next few years with the development of economy in these regions. The Law Enforcement Software Market report provides key driving factors which can be used to cultivate the business enterprise Globally. Law Enforcement Software Market report employs the sophisticated technological systems demands which can be harmonious on the specific market by each parameter are strictly cited in this report.

According to the report, The key manufacturers in this market include :
IBM, Motorola Solutions, Oracle, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, AccessData, Axon, ESRI, Palantir Technologies, Accenture, Wynyard Group, Nuance Communications, Abbott Informatics, Omnigo Software, Column Technologies, DFLABS

What to Expect from Palantir IPO? Is Palantir Going Public in 2019

Palantir has been working with Big Data since 2003 and since then had earned a status of one of the top companies in the sector.

Based on the evaluations on the share price for employee options where one share is set at 6$, the total value of the company would be 11 billion investors, while the CEO of the company claims that the value of Palantir goes to 20 billion dollars based on revenues, profit and year to year reports.

On the other hand, according to Morgan Stanley the company could be valued at 41 billion dollars, while venture capitalists are considering estimates anywhere from 4.4 billion dollars to 14 billion.

In the meanwhile, the exact date of issuing the IPO is not yet revealed, but according to the latest reports by the company’s representatives, Palantir could go public with an IPO in the second half of 2019, however under lower estimates in oppose to 41 billion dollars.

Going public in 2019, with a valuation as high as $41 billion

Chances are good that you’ve used or at least heard of Uber, Airbnb and Slack. That may not be the case for what is widely expected to be among the most valuable tech IPOs of 2018: Palantir Technologies. The WSJ reported that this data-mining titan, which it dubs “one of Silicon Valley’s most secretive companies,” may go public in 2019, with a valuation as high as $41 billion.

Co-founded in 2004 by PayPal alumnus Peter Thiel and CEO Alex Karp, Palantir “developed a suite of surveillance technologies that have reportedly been used by the military to hunt down Osama bin Laden, to avoid roadside bombs and by police departments to predict crimes before they happen,” Vanity Fair has written.

On the consumer side, Palantir is harnessing the power of big data to “comb through disparate data sources — financial documents, airline reservations, cellphone records, social media postings — and search for connections that human analysts might miss,” Bloomberg reported.

While much of Palantir’s operations remain shrouded in secrecy, in order to go public, Palantir must “issue a prospectus documenting its revenue and other internal metrics for potential shareholders, which could shed some light on that eye-popping valuation,” Vanity Fair noted.

Palantir is shifting its revenue stream from government to business

Palantir has been successfully shifting its revenue stream from government contracts to large business subscriptions. As a result, increased profitability could position Palantir in the next 12 months for one of the largest ever private tech IPOs, according to a new report from SharesPost.

Since 2017, Palantir has added new products and new customers, while expanding its geographic footprint and forming new strategic partnerships. As a result, the company’s enterprise business will likely account for more than 50 percent of overall revenue, a critical threshold as it approaches a public offering.

Global demand for Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics

“Palantir is benefitting from the strong, global demand for Business Intelligence (BI) and data analytics solutions,” said Managing Director Rohit Kulkarni, Head of Research for SharesPost, Inc. “Data increasingly powers the growth of large, sophisticated organizations, and Palantir stands to gain significantly from its leadership position.”

From a valuation standpoint, recent comparable IPOs of Big Data/Analytics firms have traded in the range of 7.0x to 8.0x of one-year forward revenues. At the same time, the valuation multiples of Big Data pure-play companies such as Tableau and Splunk have also risen over the past 12 months.


For Palantir to maintain or improve its last known valuation of $20 billion as it enters the public markets, the company needs to achieve either/all of these metrics: 1) 2019 net revenue at or above $2 billion; 2) 2019 net revenue growth rate exceeding 25 percent; 3) gross margins approaching 70 percent or higher; and 4) positive free cash flow.

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