Lyft IPO 2019: Lyft Said to Be Recording Increased Demand, Share Price Estimates for Lyft IPO Revealed

Lyft might be one of the most anticipated IPOs in 2019 ever since the ridesharing company announced their interest in going public, alongside having another tech giant, Uber, announcing their IPO upcoming in 2019 as well.

Besides from having other companies planning IPOs in 2019 such as Airbnb, Palantir, Pinterest, CrowdStrike and other tech unicorns, Uber and Lyft might be some of the most anticipated public offerings.

Lyft is planning on going ahead with their IPO before Uber gets a chance to hit the market with their public offering, that way gaining a form of advantage in oppose to their main competitor.

According to third-party sources used by Lyft, the company claims that they are presently holding 39% of the US market when it comes to ridesharing industry.

In the meanwhile, Lyft should release their IPO pricing during the last days of March and beginning of April 2019.

Lyft IPO Arriving in the Markets in 2019: Investors are Showing Increased Demand

In the official announcement made by the company expecting the initial public offering to hit the markets as soon as April 2019, it was announced that Lyft considers that their IPO could raise around 2.07 billion dollars, while the company will be issuing 30.77 million class A shares to the public.

The price per share estimates as announced by the company is said to be set between the value of 62$ and 68$ per one share, however, the Wall Street Journal reported in one of their latest pieces that the share price might probably exceed the reported value due to the increased demand among investors.

The shares of the company have already been approved to be listed on Nasdaq, while the IPO will be listed under thicker (LYFT).

The official trading of Lyft IPO should commence on Friday, according to the latest reports, on March 30th.

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